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What number oil pan needed for a 73 440


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Feb 29, 2020
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Heart of Dixie.....
Guys, am building a later model 440 to go where a 400 was originally installed in my 73. It has a 187 stamped pan that looks to be "modified" for a previous installment in its past. Will this pan work...thanks
However, if it fits with the 400 in there, it will fit exactly the same with a 440 in there.
Thanks guys, I shall be looking for a 971, that not been modified with a ball peen hammer....
Well, what up with finding a 971 pan, are they that desirable for other years. Mancineas list for 200 bucks but are out of stock at the moment. Have no problem with a used one just don't want to pay that for a beat up one needing straightening . Found lots of new pans on flea bay that "say" they are for my year car but not sure how to know for sure before I buy..
Chrysler part number 3614970 73-78 400/440 B body's because of suspension difference with previous years.
I'd say get one where ever you can. 440 source says they are no longer available through them so used my be your best bet.
Not a lot out there unfortunately.
How bad is yours? I ask because I got mine from a member some years ago as my original was messed up. Some fool drilled a hole directly in the bottom and sealed up the original hole. It leaked as it was.
I still have it but not sure how much work it would be to make it right.
PM me if you want more info.
Thanks for fixing my lack of computer skills!

Just placed an order for a oil pan from 440 Source. Price was $101.57 with shipping. Hoping it comparable to a 971. Last year I was unable to find a new pan. Ordered from Classic Industries and Summit. Both claimed to fit a 400 73-78. Found out when I attempted to install, pan would not clear K-frame. Re-installed my dented pan to continue installation.
Will pull the trigger on one from 440 Source, the 1001 pan LOOKED like the 971 pan but there is no reference number to a stock pan in the write up. Checking with one other local source here for a used one first. The pan I got with the car was a 187 that had been hammered in pretty good as I guess they got it to fit. Nacho said those were used on C bodies. Anybody got a Melling part number for the pickup needed for that pan...thanks all....
I said is for C bodies because is what I found on the web not because I'm an expert on this LOL.

Maybe they are saving on royalties making them similar and interchangeable to the original 971 but not exact. And without provide the full info too.
I think you may be right Nacho, with out using the number no need to pay a license fee. Nacho you have many original books and have done a lot of research , you are very helpful to many here and thanks much for sharing your knowledge . I value much what you and others on this forum contribute in helping many with our projects.
I'd say the sump it got some slight diff curves and angles to sway the royalties and not just the number if you compare side by side.

about the pickup oil. I don't think will be really diff from any other center sump oil pan. The oil pan difference between 402, 971 and I'd like to think also the 187 is due the suspension parts, so is molded different, but as far is still on center, the pickup coil should be the same... I think. I never have heard anybody needing to change the pickup oil tube between 402 and 971 when getting a pre 72 BB to mount on a post 73 car
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