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Whatever happened to the local speedshops ?

I still go to S-K Speed on Long Island if I'm in the area.
I see plenty of S-K Speed stickers at work.
The last one around here wanted more for their used, beat up Mopar stuff than what I could get it for ordering new and waiting 6-8 weeks plus driving an hour each way to Super Shops.

Speaking of super shops, that hour drive plus knowing that they wouldn't have what I wanted and I'd have to pay and then wait and then make that drive again.....really turned me off to them. I knew I was in for that because-
In OH there was one about 4 blocks from my house, but the didn't get any of my business because I was super poor and then never had any Mopar stuff at all. Ever.

...and on more than 1 occasion that FL super shops turned out not to have my part after the 8 week delivery wait, so that turned into a third hour drive.

Thankfully I discovered the Don Garlits swap meet. Waiting once a year and taking my chances that I'd find what I needed was actually less stressful and more cost effective.
I had mentioned the old PAW catalogs I used to get, got an unexpected surprise today, A Completion Products catalog, although not as hefty as the PAW its a pretty nice catalog.

There is a great speed shop in Albert Lea Mn. He is a Mopar guy to boot!
If I was a millionaire. I would open up and Speed Shop/ Garage, installation center/Restaurant in the Motor City on Telegraph somewhere. Get the cruisin Telegraph Rd in full swing again. Everyone could come on in, buy your parts, sit down get a bite to eat while we mount your slicks, fill your nitrous bottles, install your performance parts you purchased (if you couldn't do it yourself) etc. All while everybody could sit around eat and drink and talk cars, racing and women. Hell, I know I have bought more then my share of performance parts over the years and have the decals to show for it.... lol.

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we used to have HI Rev speed shops here in central Wi. used to go there almost every weekend. great place , they used to have a consinment corner with used speed parts etc. it was nice. the last store in a local town moved around town 3 times till it finally closed the doors.
Pretty hard to compete with the big chain store operations. Now throw in Amazon and it is impossible to compete. I needed two serpentine belts this week.....the local auto parts stores wanted over 100 bucks for the pair....checked Amazon....58.00 delivered for the pair.....same name brand.....glad I closed my speed shop when I did....but thanks for the business Russ!
Less local car dealers and chain auto suppliers, I'd have to drive over a half hour to get to one.........