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When it's a heatwave, what car to drive?

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Apr 26, 2015
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It's Autumn here, usually about 80 degrees or so, but the last few days have been in the 90's.
Today was approaching 100 degrees and I needed to go to the big smoke, a 120 mile round trip so naturally I took the Plymouth with no aircon rather my daily driver.
Jeez it was hot! Car run faultlessly, 180 on the freeway, got up to 195 when in traffic in the city. Not bad with a 4 blade fan and no shroud.
I need to get a proper coolant recovery system though. My backyard overflow bottle was full when I got home. I was overheated too and needed to jump in the pool to cool down.
Wing windows ARE air conditioning! Automakers never should have stopped using them...

Me personally, if it's hot and I want to have fun?


Now, if I'm doing something "car-related" (show, getting parts, whatever) I have no problem driving one of the classics. Charger has wing windows and factory (dead) a/c; Satellite wagon has factory wind-tunnel under-dash vents with the plungers to open them - THOSE move some air, too! And, it's fun to be seen in the classics. Nearly as much fun as it is to drive (and smell - LOVE that old vinyl smell!) them.


Even as hot as it gets here in North Florida it's not bad at all with the vent windows open and what Triplegreen says about the wind turbine under dash vents. Man they flow better than you would expect.
I still drive my old cars around in 95+ degree heat. The older I get the less I am starting to enjoy it though. Yes, I sweet my *** off. Going to get the A/C Going in 3 of them this year as a matter of fact.
I love the heat, but yesterday in my work gear (thick long trousers, steel cap boots and a shirt) it was hard core. Moving along was fine, but through the city and in some jams on the freeway on the way home, I was feeling it for sure.
My first car wasn't air conditioned and my thought was it robbed needed power. Now that I have officially aged to old goat, the only thing a car with no a/c can do for me, is take me to one that does!! My Coronet has Vintage air and I drive it, hot or cold, as long as the streets are clean!