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Which torque converter to use, 10 " or 11"

71 Sebring +

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Apr 15, 2022
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Built 440 making 550 ft/lbs torque from 3200 to 4200 rpm. Peak HP 490 @ 5300 RPM. Planning on using TCI Breakaway converter. They have a 10" with the 5/16 bolts or the 11" with 7/16 bolts. Both rated at the same stall. Which would be better behind a 440? Thanks
Maybe not what your asking... but I would avoid Tci. They are average at best.

Buy a 9 1/2" convertor from PTC, Dynamic, FTI, etc. IMHO...9 1/2 are the best there is for the street and are the perfect size to give you a higher flash rpm while still tight enough to cruise at lower rpms..

Mopar oem convertors measure 10 3/4" with the wider ring gear..11 3/4" narrow ring gear. I prefer the 10 3/4" over the 11 3/4". Less mass is one reason. The 10 3/4 was used for performance cars. 11 3/4 for high geared luxury yachts!
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Thanks for the explanation. Like I was saying this is the first auto car l've had. 68 charger R/T, 69 Dart, 69 Super Bee, 71 Roadrunner all had 4 speeds, 11" clutch was better than 10.5" thought the same might apply to torque converters. Thanks for the list of other manufacturers to check out. I appreciate it. Brad



I have a soft spot for 71-72 plymouth b bodies. Hoping to get our 72 satellite running soon.
A good company will build the convertor around your car and they will ask lots of questions. I was impressed with Shawn at dynamic he built our first 9 1/2". PTC was also very helpful and a good price.

A clutch is a different animal then a torque convertor. Convertors can be set tight or loose. If it's loose you can't run a very high stall on the street or it will slip cruising unless you have some deep gears. Back in the day if you had a aftermarket stall it was loose. A well built tight convertor allows you to drive around like a grandpa and leave like a race car.
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