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Wire removal from wiper motor


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2:11 AM
Jun 9, 2021
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Escondido, CA
How do I remove these three wires from the motor (see arrow)? They seem to go inside the motor case.

I'm replacing the engine/lighting harness with a new one.

IMG_7068 copy.jpg
I don't believe any company will include the wiper motor feeds as it will require complete disassembly of the motor to replace them. It certainly can be done, if not by you a motor rebuilder could.
I replaced the wiper harness on my 67 Satellite with one from the junkyard because my original had been cut to add a delay box. Definitely had to open the motor cover and may have had to solder in the replacement. Pretty sure I pulled the motor off the car to do it. Been a long time so I don't remember the details.

Your wiper motor looks very similar to mine. Mine has 2 nuts on long studs that hold the cover on. I removed the nuts and was able to pull the cover off to access the wiring.
The motor needs to be taken apart and the harness replaced from where it attaches to the magnet wire.