Would anyone care to check out this wagon?


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Sep 15, 2012
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Central KY
Hi Y'all.
I know that she's NOT a B-Body.
I want to buy this '67 wagon, but would really like someone to put eyes on her before we travel 2K one way.
We went past Chicago last year for a D250. When we get there she won't even turn over.
The guy acts like he doesn't know why. He even let us go and buy a brand new battery, and didn't have anything to say when she STILL didn't turn over. He only offered to knock off a C-note.
We dropped over $500 on a empty trip because of a less than honest guy.
I really don't want to start '23 like that...
Here's the link:

There's also a thread on FCBO about her.
Thanks for looking.