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WTB WTB 1967 318LA 4b Intake

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I have a 4173915 4 barrel intake on a 318 sitting in my garage. I believe a 1974 up intake

If I’m not mistaken, I don’t believe the 318 got a 4 bbl. manifold until 1981 after the discontinuation of the 360. Idk though, I’m not that up on the small blocks.
What 440 is saying sounds correct, although there were some aftermarket aluminum 318 4 bbl intake manifolds. I should know this, but I don't.... what size are the intake ports on a 273 engine? Weren't some of those 4 bbl motors?
As I recall, the 340/360 engines have larger intake runners/ports on both the intakes & the heads than the 318 engines. A 340/360 4 bbl intake will bolt up onto a 318 with 318 2 bbl heads, but there's a port mis-match. I does seal fine and I've personally run a 318 with 318 2 bbl. heads and a 340/360 4 bbl intake. I've also run a 318 with 360 heads and a 340/360 intake as well.
I got the entire 318 on a trade. It is definitely a cast iron 4 barrel. Tried looking up number on internet.in researching I believe 440 is correct - probably an 80’s intake.
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