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Y-1 Lemon twist automotive paint


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4:24 PM
Apr 20, 2014
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Los Angeles, CA
Anybody know if PY4 yellow Jacket paint is the same as Y-1 Lemon twist?
Or if not does anybody have a recommendation for a supplier for Y1?
It seems that all the websites on line for paint only sell Y-1 premixed, (ready to spray) and its very expensive plus it doesn't go very far.
Much rather by a gl, activator and reducer etc and be able to paint the entire car
Any help would be appreciated
Make model year that you are trying to figure out, please and then I can check my books.
So far, PY4 is a Dodge color "Yellow Jacket"
In the Dodge color codes PYH is Solar Yellow and is also called Top Banana Yellow. From the looks of it so far PY4 is all by itself in the color world. I will keep checking for a cross reference.
I know that, Chrysler says it brought back lemon twist for the 2006 charger and called it yellow jacket, PY4
I was curious if anybody knows how close it is to a match w/ Y-1 or if anybody has a good paint supplier for 70's high impact colors
I just sprayed a car with BC/CC in Plymouth Lemon Twist Y1 (last summer). It was a PPG Shopline series product.
The car in my posting photo is going to get Y1 in a few months with the same PPG product.
You are in Los Angeles and are probably looking for a waterborne product. Sorry brother, I am only familiar with solvent base, so I am not much help to you :(
Py4 is not the same, pic shows 3 kinda of base clear, shopline is on the lid $241 a gallon, 1/2 card is spies hecker, last is axalta base clear, about $800 a gallon and is the closest to my original fy1. Code 2211 on all. The axalta has the whiter washed out, pastel look that fy1 has, shopline and spies trend toward in the py4 direction, all look good but for a restoration axalta is winning. You can buy ditzler single stage$1500 a gallon I am told.

Bubble is spies heckler, so is 1/2 card, light and angle make a big di

1586736145794180374241.jpg 15867363019171596296873.jpg
Now you see why no 2 yellow cars look the same at shows, never park 6 in a line.....
Here is a test spry of PPG shopline Lemon Twist Y1 that I dd on a Spitfire last year to see how it covered.

Thanks for all the good info, I have several good places on the car that still have nice original Y-1 on them so I am going to try a few different brands, spray a few cards and see which one comes the closest to a match, yes I know Y-1 looks completely different depending on the light and yes I am in Los Angeles so I am limited to a low VOC product (so lame) I will post my results when I get there
Thanks again
If you have access to one that looks correct to you, see if you can have it photo matched.

I've had 100% success with this on some hard to match colors.

I agree FY1 is a Hard color to match and/or get correct.
The paint on my 70 Roadrunner unfortunately wasn't original when I bought it. I have one picture, circa 1979, of my 71 Charger R/T that was "yellow".
I am very happy with the paint match on the hood, and it had a paint color "daffodil" as part of the mix, and I like the yellow color it is, I'm just not sure how close to Lemon Twist it is, but I think it's close if not spot on.
So I went with the SW ATX lemon twist, not a perfect match but close, coverage was hit and miss even with a white primer sealer and the fact that I painted it in my carport with no lights didn't help much but I will say it lays down real nice, where I ran into the most trouble was the clear coat, next time will be going out of state for some single stage and most definitely will be using a booth haha,
The axalta has the whiter washed out, pastel look that fy1 has
There is a "pastel" hue to Lemon Twist.
I am always looking at different yellow paint on any kind of car, because it's likely that one day if I live long enough and can afford to, I'll get my Roadrunner taken down to metal and done up really nice.
I can't elaborate on the mix used to match my AMD N96 hood to the color on my car, but I know "daffodil" was a description of the primary paint used.
There's a couple of absolutes in MY preferences for yellow paint on my Roadrunner.
*NO "green" in it, at all
*NOT "school bus yellow" (too dark)
I've seen some Ferraris, C7 Corvettes, the Chevy SSR truck, and others that have a "pop" to their yellow. Our Route 66 PT Cruisers only came in Solar Yellow which was a nice yellow...
I'm biased, but it's hard to beat real Lemon Twist yellow. It still has that "pop" but that hint of pastel softens it just enough.
Here's the SSR yellow, and my car for comparison:

I may just ask for a match to what's on my car now, because DANG she sure is fine looking!
Here's a computer scan of a 1978 Polaroid picture of my 71 Charger R/T original paint. I remember it was a softer yellow than what is on my Roadrunner now.
Mine was a vinyl top car as well, I went back and forth on it and decided not to install, I think it will get it when I paint it again, looks so good with it