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You guys want to join me for a beer? Im buyin'


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Jul 19, 2019
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carroll county MD.
a group of friends, two of my sons and myself are headed to Guinness open gate brewery today. It is a really cool place and the beer selection is wonderful. They have the whole spectrum. The brewery is listed as being in Baltimore but its actually in the St Denis/Relay area that us older guys know about.
It is located on the site of the old Calvert distillery. Calvert was a good local whiskey.
Join me, I'll buy
I will post some pix later
No doubt, and thanks for the invite! Great people on here, that's what I love about this site!
Relay was the first stop on the first railroad ever built in the US.

I believe they changed engines there, hence the name.

I'd like a 7.5% "Special Export" on draft, please.
I’m down for ditching work, but I’d have to run home and park the company truck first. They’re on me to get done by month end, so I’ll have to take a rain check.
I'll hold you to the rain check
Yup not many people know why its called Relay
There was a big hotel just down the track before the Thomas Viaduct also, I think if I remember correctly there is a marker there now.
I use to run those streets when I was a younger man
You can also ride "the first mile" of rail laid in the US, from Baltimore's B&O museum.
:thankyou: for the invite too

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sounds like fun
too bad it wasn't 2800+ miles closer

I do like micro-brews
bocks pilsners ales stouts
I rarely even ever drink now, I'd be a cheap date :poke:
(have an alcoholic dad, that's living with me, I don't like to drink in front of him, so I don't)
my go-to Beer below, or a Boston Lager on a hot summer day
or a KiltLifter with a nice steak
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My favorite "major label" brew.