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FOR SALE 71-72 roadrunner ,,satellite standard hood

Exterior Parts

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  1. joel

    joel Well-Known Member

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    Oct 7, 2009
    edinboro pa
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    7:57 AM
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    71-72 roadrunner ,,satellite standard hood

    this is the hood you need if you are going to make a 71-72 fresh air air grabber hood with all the reproduction air grabber parts made now,

    nice straight mostly rust free hood original paint
    it has rust in the very corners where it sat on the floor

    located near edinboro pa 16412

    273998-b6041c76e1e1a6ab1f93797db7a6f6f4.jpg 273999-f9608f8fd208c08a645a84fe421bbd8a.jpg 274000-93bb80bd050991e7530a59e976accc74.jpg 274001-40dd81d65634a34ef95ae37926876a2a.jpg 274002-0721cdbc58938f6043bec9412536292a.jpg 274003-3f8ba6fb4cffa8422284d93e924aa770.jpg 274004-1fca7b9acfa1e75ee0e7199a9a6e09ee.jpg
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