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    Wheel Wednesday

    78 Mopar F Body kit car wheels on my 70 Bee, love these!
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    Charger 69' RT from Poland

    Welcome from Toronto, Canada, beautiful car! I have a 68 and a 70, need a 69...
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    Are your kids car people?

    My kid bought this 66 Coronet with his own money at 13 years of age, 5 years later we have added a 68 Charger, 70 Charger and 70 Super Bee to the family. Shoutout to "Roadkill" for getting me back into the hobby. He will be getting all the cars when my time comes.
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    These are not mine, the ad is posted in Ontario, Canada but he is in upstate NY, prepare yourself they are expensive... I own a 70 Charger and a 70 Bee, fenders are crazy expensive for both, (too rich for me), good luck. 1969 Dodge Daytona 1970 Dodge Charger Fenders | Vehicle Parts, Tires, &...
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    Halloo from southern Ontario

    Welcome from TO, I own 3, maybe 4...but who's counting?
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    FOR SALE 70 B b-body (Charger) bucket seat cores

    Price drop to $400US.
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    SOLD 68-74 Rear Seat Cores Possible Carlisle Delivery

    Looks like just the one rip in the seat bottom, is that correct?
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    SOLD 68-74 Rear Seat Cores Possible Carlisle Delivery

    Kind of a beater, (but getting better all the time), can I see photos please?
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    SOLD 68-74 Rear Seat Cores Possible Carlisle Delivery

    The seat bottom in the first photo looks like 70 Charger in black, do you have top and bottom and if so how's the condition? I will be at Carlisle.
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    FOR SALE 70 B b-body (Charger) bucket seat cores

    70 Charger (B body) seat cores, no rails, hinge covers or seat backs. They aren't pretty but will get you on the road. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Can deliver to Carlisle, $500 obo.
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    2022 Carlisle thread

    Got my letter and my showfield/camping stickers in the mail today, planning to drive my 70 Bee down from T.O. for my first Carlisle. Looking forward to meeting some FBBO folks in person.
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    Cooling system update

    Thanks for this, I am about to bite the bullet and buy a Cold Case Rad for my 70 Bee, let us know how it works on the road, cheers.
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    Max tire size, I'm breaking my brain

    It's a pretty good drawing actually. My 2 Chargers have 275/60/15 w/ lots of room to spare on 8" rims, w/ approx. 4-4 1/2 backspace. That is the sort of standard as I am sure you know. I am always looking for 10" rims w/ the correct backspace (4 1/2- 5 1/2?). Tires also seem to go up in price...
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    Congrats, nice looking car and hello from T.O. hope to see it at Moparfest this year!
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    New Roadrunner. Do I keep the Charger?

    Here's my 2 cents, I have a 68 and a 70 Charger and added a 70 Super Bee recently. Non of my cars is perfect but they are all on the road and I like them all for different reasons. For now, I enjoy working on them and chasing parts, I like the hobby. If I ever need to sell I will but for now...