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    WTB 65 coronet clock knob

    Do you have any pics of what the correct one looks like?
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    It's Wagon Wednesday, What Ya Got?

    I took the pictures of these two 63 wagons a couple of weeks ago while I was traveling through Florida. This is Dan Dvorak's Machine shop. Dan Dvorak, AKA "The Law Man" as some of you know passed away back in May of 2021. I have driven by there several times since then and it is sad to see the...
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    It's Wagon Wednesday, What Ya Got?

    More like 43....
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    It's Wagon Wednesday, What Ya Got?

    I have owned this one since 1998
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    1967-69 Fender Mounted Turn Signal Lens?

    Does anyone know if there is any difference between the repro lens that are available today and the NOS lens #2853624
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    factory sway bar

    The rubber bushing that I have is pliable and I'm thinking that to install it. I would mount the bracket in a vice then lube up the bushing with some silicone compound then wedge it in using a screw driver. Just an idea..
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    factory sway bar

    Is this the bracket and bushing that you are talking about? I added a factory sway bar to my 64 but I don't recall how I assembled those parts...
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    SOLD RTE Tachometer Calibrator & Exerciser

    Selling this Real Time Engineering TS-1 Tach. Calibrator and Exerciser. Includes the instruction sheet on how to use it. This device is no longer for sale as a separate unit. I believe that it is intended to be used when you install the RTE updated circuit board in your tach as it may not be...
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    Chrysler Historical

    I just want to be clear. What everyone is getting from Chrysler Historical is a "copy" of their IBM card and not the original IBM card, correct?
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    WTB 64 Polara 4 speed center console and decent dash pad

    FYI, The dash pads are different between the 64 Plymouths and Dodges.
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    FOUND 64 sport fury front fender eyebrow trim

    Are you looking for a left or right side one or both?