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    DNA tests are getting cheaper. Could be the photo, but he has a Great Dane looking head.
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    Shackle Bushings ?

    A local parts warehouse or chassis shop may have a catalog that shows bushings by dimensions.
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    Unique "5-Pack" Mopar

    Was the plan to cruise on the one barrel and save fuel? If you have a running 440 motor, 413 intake and one four barrel with the skills to get it in and exhaust plumbed out the back, another four barrel isn't hard to find.
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    Whomp Whomp Whomp noise?

    Get new tires and shocks. I know it's not the shocks, but new tires and shocks makes them ride nice again. Whomp might be your warning. Tire failure at highway speeds can be bad, even in the rear. I was looking for a leaky seal as a sign of a worn bushing and didn't think about it being new...
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.
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    Flax water bag for cooling an engine?

    I had a vintage bag and went looking for it, but I must have sold it. I could be wrong, but I remember a plastic bladder inside. That would make sense for potable water. A bladder for sanitation and wet canvas to cool the water.
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.

    Nowhere in the video does he pay in full or say anything about when full payment will be made.
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    Flax water bag for cooling an engine?

    I know cars would boil over and spew trying to get up the hill to Mt. Rushmore, so I always assumed it was for replenishing the radiator.
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    Part it or restore it ?

    Sell it cheap to a kid driving and wrenching on a 4 door b body. Reward their Mopar weirdness with a 2 door.
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.

    He's already painted it Hugger Orange; then put in air bags and an LS. He gets paid by the views, good or bad. Your car has been "pre-disastered". I have a Triumph like that. I didn't take it so far from original that it can never go back, but that gives me the freedom to do whatever strikes...
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    Richard Rawlings buys a Superbird.

    Yeah, and he said he did something with the Hemi. It must have also been not original. Nobody would split an original Hemi from its Superbird in today's environment.
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    State of the Hobby

    Put anybody, of any age, behind the wheel of a 1970 V Code Pistol-Grip four speed car and you have a life long convert to old Mopars.
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    WTB Pontiac V8

    Are you wanting to put it back to original some day? If not, have fun and if it detonates, look for that 455. The factory may have sourced the premium parts as they knew the TA was likely to see severe duty like the Bandit. Don't know how they hold up, but there are turbo kits on the...