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    Happy Birthday America !

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    Mini Cooper

    I am not sure what years we would be looking at. She is like most women (not meaning anything bad) she likes cause they are cute. She would pick her car like a purse.
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    Des Moines 2022 Good Guys

    I went on Saturday. I was a great show. I did not take many pictures other than a few cars that were for sale. Was really hoping my wife would change her mind on a manual transmission. This MG would make a fun little toy for her. This Charger was really nice.
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    Where did you and your car go today

    Took the Plymouth to Des Moines to the Good guys event on Saturday. Yesterday went to Waterloo to get some time with the new grandson. Was a great 2 days of fun so today I need to get some work done. Those 2 kids will color all day.
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    I would be in the middle of those puppies!
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    Most puppies point trying to get a better sent of the object. In my opinion hunters started to use this trait to their advantag and over time it has evolved to a beautiful thing!
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    Thor pointing a pheasant wing I hid in the grass. Sometimes I need to give him a little guidance to the general area, but he points like a champ. He is choosing his style
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    Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger won't be down for breakfast

    Rest In Peace Sonny, I think I will read your books again.
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    Mini Cooper

    Does anyone here have experience with Mini Coopers? My wife thinks she would like to have one. I know nothing about them. I would prefer to buy her an A body but that's not what she wants
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    New grandson

    Thanks everyone. I think this is the last grandchild, great for Papa’s wallet but there is room in my heart for many more!!
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    speaker dash speakers.

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    New grandson

    Yes I have a 12 year old a 5 year old and this little guy. The 2 older ones have a pretty good tool collection. I add to it birthday and Christmas. They also have a Henry golden boy .22
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    New grandson

    Heading home
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    New grandson

    My daughter had a little boy at 6:30 this morning, I think his big brother approves