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    Stuck on the couch, no beer in the fridge

    Irish Red. Great this time of year, after a short stint in the freezer, 90mins, and poured into a frosted glass ! Last one i had came out like a slushie, on a hot, humid 90* evening, soooo gooood !!!

    Stuck on the couch, no beer in the fridge

    Lay flat on the floor, face down. Large ice pack, or bag of ice on back. When you can prick pins into your back, and not feel them, time to get up, find a well supported chair, and sit straight for a bit. No quick movements, except to administer 1oz pain relievement shooters...

    WTB Front brake drum hub

    These are off my '63 Dodge 330, 10"x2-1/2". Complete assy, drums, backing plates, spindles, bearings, shoes, hardware, cylinders. They worked 100% when removed. I had them up for sale here, early Spring, no takers...

    K frame i.d.

    I have a set of SB mounts, off a '65 Belvedere, 273. Car was low mileage, 37k. Not sure if these match up. Let me know, PM.

    Wiper motor

    He is: If he doesn't have it, he'll find one. Great work, and Fair pricing...

    500 Stroker Question

    I'm No engine build expert, but seems like this is more geared towards strip usage ?

    K frame i.d.

    Just to mention, Schumacher has been out of business for quite some time now, unless They have reopened ?

    ESPO HD leaf springs

    I have them on my '63, but the car has not been on the road yet, so no performance review. Has the stance I like...


    Was a Hot day today at the Event, a lot of Nice Classic Mopars, and some Great Racing too ! I felt honored to take the President's Choice Award, and lucked out winning the 50/50 drawing ! Sorry to FBBO Members, but it was my E Body for the trophey...
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    1965: Side Mirror mounted to door frame?

    RR1965, hope you get some leads on this. I'm at this point also, on my '63...
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    What’s Wrong With This Picture? USA Made

    Why not go buy another from NAPA, or your local parts store, swap the good one for the defective, and return it ? It looks like a Moog part, I'm sure it's covered...
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    What’s Wrong With This Picture? USA Made

    Cool Wall Art for your garage !
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    Moparfest 2022

    That is a Great Show. I'll miss going to it...
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    Owner of a big boat

    Welcome from WNY ! I'll look forward to seeing your Imperial "Cruising" across the Niagara !!!
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    Best Engine Coolants?

    No issues, just wondering if anyone has input on brand, or special mix ratio, as mine is due now for a change...