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  1. dart4forte

    2007 2500 CTD Suggestions

    Looks like a possibility
  2. dart4forte

    2007 2500 CTD Suggestions

    I have a 2007 2500 CTD 4x4. Bought it new in 2007. The issue at hand is my wife has bad knees and finds it hard to get into the truck. I have running boards which helps but she still has problems. I’m looking for a way that I can lower the front of the truck so that it’s easier for her to get...
  3. dart4forte

    Happy Birthday cr8crshr

    Happy Birthday you ole AF guy.
  4. dart4forte

    Hey Kerndog!!

    Man, that parking lot is looking rough
  5. dart4forte

    Hey Kerndog!!

    Are you at Springfling?
  6. dart4forte

    Surgery day , oh boy.

    Yeah, it’s interesting how he did the repair. Basically cut a piece of bone out at the joint and replaced it with a piece of tendon that he harvested from my forearm. I had the right hand done back in 17. Absolutely no pain and full movement. Glad to see the foot is healing. Suggest you start...
  7. dart4forte

    Gathering spares, just in case....

    Probably a good idea
  8. dart4forte

    Surgery day , oh boy.

    Had hand surgery two weeks ago, got the stitches out yesterday. Now in an hard cast. Incisions just short of the left thumb and a small one on my lower forearm. Saw the PA. She said everything looked good although the main incision looks real angry. Pain is manageable however when the cast comes...
  9. dart4forte

    Willow Springs Today

    Annual Willow Springs open track day at Willow Springs. Kickoff event for Springfling. Hopefully we’ll see some pics and vids soon.
  10. dart4forte

    SMS Restorations Derry NH.

    Sent Superbirdbob an e-mail. He shut down his business (ACME). He did say he has some door hinges left. Send him an email, maybe he’ll give you a smokin deal. [email protected]
  11. dart4forte

    Went to the dark side boys

    The aluminum 215s were real popular with the Jeep crowd. Perfect combo in a CJ5
  12. dart4forte

    SMS Restorations Derry NH.

    Not sure if ACME is still doing business. They did the greasable hinges
  13. dart4forte

    Went to the dark side boys

    Weren’t some of the nail heads aluminum?
  14. dart4forte

    Where did you and your car go today

    Luv that Dart
  15. dart4forte

    Where did you and your car go today

    Looks like the central valley
  16. dart4forte

    Build sheet location 1971 RT?

    I found mine on top of the glovebox liner
  17. dart4forte

    You guys know I'm into '73 Grand Ams.

    Don’t see very many 73s
  18. dart4forte

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    One way to melt the snow on the runway
  19. dart4forte

    Happy 93rd Birthday William Shatner

    Just saw him last night playing a young JAG lawyer Nuremberg Trial along with Spencer Tracy
  20. dart4forte

    Maybe things aren't so bad after all?

    How’s that, less doom and gloom, more related to the 80s and Mopar related