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  1. JC Boatguy

    Horsing around with each other? No problem....unless it's in the classified section.

    The beatings will continue until morale improves...
  2. JC Boatguy

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    My other woman! Lol
  3. JC Boatguy

    head bolt help

    Timeserts RULE!!!
  4. JC Boatguy

    To 512 or not

    It happens, I bought my sweetheart Sebring plus, too nice to "molest". Gonna HAVE to get another car so I can...um...EXPRESS MYSELF!!!
  5. JC Boatguy

    To 512 or not

    That is REALLY the question isn't it? Even when you consider things like remodeling your home...are you doing it for you or the next guy? Both situations need careful consideration. I like car mods I can back out of...just sayin!
  6. JC Boatguy

    Hotchkis Suspension

    I hardly use PayPal either, have any of you tried Helwig? I used a large diameter one one the front of my 71 Sebring and it is AWESOME!!!
  7. JC Boatguy

    First Car - resto mod: '71 Charger SE

    Welcome from the frozen tundra
  8. JC Boatguy

    Painting your car by matching it to your 50 year old hood springs???

    Do'h!!! FAT FINGER!!! I Don't know ANYTHING about paint...so sorry.
  9. JC Boatguy

    Should you save old parts or sell them?

    I believe it's as stated, you need to evaluate EACH part as to it's relative importance to the car. If it's part of that car's history, AND it helps provide the history, then keep it regardless of ACTUAL value. If it makes no sense to keep it like some A/C parts, the aftermarket is making much...
  10. JC Boatguy

    Coolant water frozen - what next?

    I was trained 45 years ago "CORE PLUGS" was correct, but I've since found multiple FACTORY publications that stated freeze plugs...Grrr!!!
  11. JC Boatguy

    Vintage Air installation in a 1968 Satellite

    Nice Work!!!!!!!!!!
  12. JC Boatguy

    Soybean wires.

    Mice chew wires because the copper is wetted with peanut oil to get the insulation on, don't get mad, this is what I've been told. It makes total sense as to why they chew wires all the time.
  13. JC Boatguy

    Opportunity to buy!

    Yes, born a 2 bbl
  14. JC Boatguy

    Opportunity to buy!

    GY8, Gold leaf Metallic, kinda hard to read in this pic
  15. JC Boatguy

    Opportunity to buy!

    Yes, the factory option 383 call outs. I added "gold runner" under the marker, my Gal made them on her Cricut, thanks for noticing! Lol
  16. JC Boatguy

    Opportunity to buy!

    Forgot that important fact, yes born a 383 2BBL, has 4bbl and much improved breathing.
  17. JC Boatguy

    Opportunity to buy!

    I gambled on this for one for about $32,000. It's a SSP, 90K miles, California born and CLEARLY spent most of it's life in the desert. A/C, Buckets, console, Power disc, Rallye Dash, Rallye wheels (and original hub caps), nice performance exhaust, nearly new Radials. Also ZERO rust and original...
  18. JC Boatguy

    What carb for 440

    I prefer The Holleys because many of the tuning difficulties have been solved. In other words, I have a new 750 Brawler vac sec. On my 383. The jets can be changed from the top and the secondary Spring adjustment is a screw now, both floats bowls have a sightglass and center inlets. No more...
  19. JC Boatguy

    What carb for 440

    Mary Ann!!!!!!!!