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  1. 62 Dart Convertible

    dual quad vs single quad

    Incorrect. B and RB engines both had factory cast iron dual inline quads avail. i.e. 343 h.p. 383 and 385 h.p. 413 in 1962. Lovely example in post #3 of this thread!
  2. 62 Dart Convertible

    1961 Belvedere 413 2x4 max wedge project

    I do love the '61 Dodge/Plymouth roofline!
  3. 62 Dart Convertible

    Electric choke killing ignition!

    Connecting electric choke to coil side of ballast is insane. More load through ballast resistor = less voltage on coil = less spark.
  4. 62 Dart Convertible

    1961 Belvedere 413 2x4 max wedge project

    The 1986 - 1988 TV Show "Crime Story" starring Dennis Farina was set in early 60's Chicago and Vegas and featured awesome cars. Great show too! I love your '61 Plymouth. Please keep posting progress!
  5. 62 Dart Convertible

    Yet another timing problem!

    Taking the time to share your wisdom with fbbo is so much appreciated, thanks Doug!
  6. 62 Dart Convertible

    exhaust hanger brackets

    Would it not be just a mirror image?!
  7. 62 Dart Convertible

    Overheating left bearing 8-3/4 rearend

    Sorry for the thread necro, but I feel like I should throw in my 2C worth. Increasing axle end float adjustment will serve to increase how out of centre the drum to shoe relationship is, making the bottom of brake shoes drag on the drum....
  8. 62 Dart Convertible

    My 62 is ready for a cruise!

    Sweet looking '62!!!!
  9. 62 Dart Convertible

    Need some quick help with 440 timing chain install.

    No issues, factory standard, tried, true and trusted.
  10. 62 Dart Convertible

    My free 69 charger R/T restoration

    This is a marathon, not a sprint race. Well done on getting going again, you are doing great work!
  11. 62 Dart Convertible

    Carb. for a 383 9.8 to 1 compression.

    I aint a snowflake, but deriding somebody based on where he lives is pretty ****. I feel sorry for the OP coming and asking for some advice and it devolves into a chest beating ego debate. Embarrassing and pathetic.
  12. 62 Dart Convertible

    Air Gap Manifold doesn't fit 318

    You absolutely will need sealant on the ends. I always threw the gaskets out and just filled it with good silicone sealant.
  13. 62 Dart Convertible

    Soldering vapor return onto a factory sender - how to avoid melting isolator?

    Hence why I built my own relay/timer system to run pump 15 sec on key on (I have 2 AFBs to fill) and to to turn pump off on oil pressure loss. I never considered an in-tank pump, perhaps I should have. I thought it was more for EFI. Just so glad vapor lock issue was sorted as my car was at...
  14. 62 Dart Convertible

    Soldering vapor return onto a factory sender - how to avoid melting isolator?

    Really?! The Wix filter will return to tank (through an in-built restriction) what ever is at the top of the filter, be it liquid fuel, or if fuel vapours are present (that will float above the liquid fuel), then vapours... Hope it solved any issues you had cudak888. It solved all my vapor...
  15. 62 Dart Convertible

    RB Oil Pressure

    Yeah, that is odd. I'd suspect there is more to this...
  16. 62 Dart Convertible

    GTX Carb ?

    No, a stronger spring will allow the step-up to react faster to falling vacuum and enrichen...
  17. 62 Dart Convertible

    Vapor Lock - 1971 Satellite 318 Looking to install a Fuel Vapor Separator, Need some Direction

    My Wix filter has a built in .060" orifice. You can see it looking into the return nipple.
  18. 62 Dart Convertible

    Kroil piston soak odd results

    What type of positive seals? My first set were teflon and they were ****. Loads of blue smoke on start ups and smoke when full throttle, and I thought it was bad rings. Changed to viton seals, all problems gone.