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  1. maxwedgechar

    Does this motor home has a 440 in it?

    Forty years ago the guys I was working for did the car show flea markets full time, straight trucks, tractor trailers and ..... Box trucks. One time we got a box truck from Jartran. I pulled it onto the onramp for the interstate. BAWAAAAHHHHH!!!! up the ramp. What the? When got back to the...
  2. maxwedgechar

    Question - 1969 Newport

    Could be a "Spring Special"?
  3. maxwedgechar

    O.J. won't be down for breakfast

    My father always said: "They'll get theirs in the end"! And as a sports memorabilia collector don't forget the whole "I didn't know what I did was illegal" fiasco in Vegas!
  4. maxwedgechar

    Went to the dark side boys

    In 1969 I was working at a design office in Trenton, NJ. I of the designers was a Mopar guy. He told me about one of the guys that worked there had a '63 wildcat with "Multiple Carburation"! He lived on the Jersey Shore and would drive home on the Garden State Parkway at about 120 give or take...
  5. maxwedgechar

    1-3” of the white stuff !

    Yesterday I set up in the flea market at Island Dragway in North Jersey. I live in South Jersey. I got up at 2:30, left at 4, met up with friends, got there at 6:15 and spent 8 hours standing in 44/45 degrees, 20-30 MPH winds and drizzle most of the time! I put out hubcaps and for an hour a...
  6. maxwedgechar

    Burned out (NOT burn out) Superbird at IAAI (For auction, not mine)

    I am asking this because as much as I know about Mopars, I don't know Superbirds. If I have a very rusty 1970 Roadrunner with a very nice interior, is it the same? Will anybody know or will anybody care? I see lots of time with a sand blaster and at the trim shop. The other question is if there...
  7. maxwedgechar

    Oak island

    I think the kid has a thing for one of the archaeologists! He always out there sifting. I think he's out there stiffing!
  8. maxwedgechar

    "I'm a doctor, not a brick layer"

    H & I just showed it tonight! I missed the first 45 minutes but I tuned in just in time for the important part! I'm a doctor, not a brick layer!
  9. maxwedgechar

    Leftover Damage From Drunk Driver circa 1976

    Last year I wrecked my '01 Forester. Put her sideways in the wet and bounced off the concrete barrier. The nose was out about a half an inch or so. I took it to my friend's body shop. The estimate was $2700 plus frame rack time. He has the latest in high tech racks. Frame rack charge was about...
  10. maxwedgechar

    watching some classic Bugs Bunny......

    What a Maroon!
  11. maxwedgechar

    Who here remembers doing this?

    Just found this on FleaBay...
  12. maxwedgechar

    Who here remembers doing this?

    YES! And I still have a bunch, one or two still on the cardboard card in the shrink wrap! And the cans, Pathmark Supermarket brand ATF and American Motors Limited Slip oil some of which is in Max's SureGrip. But most of the time, at home, we used a "Church Key".
  13. maxwedgechar

    My annual PSA

    I don't have time to mow the lawn. I have "a kid" do it. He's 45 or so a brings his grandson sometimes! When I was mowing the lawn my wife had me bag the grass. Every time I stopped to empty the bag I would take a break, drink some water and sit for a while. It was a 6 hour gig! My PSA is...
  14. maxwedgechar

    Outrageous Shipping Quote

    I got quoted $1400 to ship a Subaru motor from Washington State to Philadelphia, PA. Um, no.
  15. maxwedgechar

    1966 426 Hemi???

    @Fran Blacker I hate saying this but I was "Assuming" all that stuff is there! I was thinking it had an oil pan too!
  16. maxwedgechar

    1966 426 Hemi???

    How does this sound? As it sits, $10,000-$12,000, Pull the plugs and the valve covers, squirt some lubricant in and it will roll over a couple of times $12,000-$15,000, Carbs, distributor, heads and manifold with correct casting and part numbers for an early production '67 Hemi, $15,000-$20,000?
  17. maxwedgechar

    Breast paint

    I recall from my old Men's Magazines that Breast Paint was a Hippie Chick thing!
  18. maxwedgechar

    Opinions Wanted

    Do It and put the original parts in a box in the trunk for when you or your heirs sell it!
  19. maxwedgechar

    2 1/2 week road trip from Massachusetts to Florida and back

    If you want to avoid the 95 madness around Baltimore and Washington take Delaware Route 1 when you get below Wilmington. Then pick up RT 113 and go down through the Eastern Shore of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. It's not that much longer, you get to go across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel...
  20. maxwedgechar

    Warning: Dealership Rant!

    When I drove into the dealer the first thing they did was check the wiper blades! After 4 Toyotas my wife, in 1977, traded hers for a ’77 Subaru 2WD wagon. After that she and her father bought 7 more. When my wife died almost 8 years ago I inherited her 3 Subarus. ’90 Legacy that had been her...