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    1972 Satellite Proportioning Valve available?

    Hello, I just acquired a 72 Satellite with factory front disc brakes, the proportioning valve seems to have failed since I don't get any fluid pressure out of it at the rear brake output. I've searched in Mancini, Summit to name a few and I can't find anything that really matches. Any...
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    1973 Charger spindle - where??

    I got a 1973 charger I'm repairing for a customer, hard hit to the right front side. I've replaced the upper control arm and now realize the right spindle is bad too, Camber is too negative. Anyone know where I can find any? What year models/bodys interchange? Thanks for any advice!
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    1973 Charger upper control arms - new style?

    Thanks for the responses. I since learned about the two different control arms depending on model year. I already contacted the company who claims to "have never heard of this before" LOL I ordered a used pair on Ebay and new bushings, ball joint to make it good. thanks for all the advice! I'm...
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    1973 Charger upper control arms - new style?

    Hello, I'm working on a 1973 Charger that was involved in a collision. It bent the upper control arm and today we received the new control arms. The problem I have is that the original control arms are shaft style and the new ones have the bushings pressed into the arms where I would assume is...