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  1. super-bee_ski

    Walk around of idling Hemi

    Gorgeous Car!
  2. super-bee_ski

    We have all seen the "Proto-type" 4-door Cuda', but a 4-door Mustang?

    :rofl: Couldn't help it guys... Forgive we should "let it rest" But hey! Ford is contemplating a 4-door Mustang?
  3. super-bee_ski

    Thank you for letting me join your group!

    Yummy Coronet! Welcome aboard and thanks for joining the Forum!
  4. super-bee_ski

    Wanted - Alum Cylinder heads -

    I have 440 source on a 440 I did, sold the GTX and engine/trans...nice Stealth heads but I personally LOVE cast iron
  5. super-bee_ski

    The first time.

    Welcome aboard! Nice car!
  6. super-bee_ski

    68 R/T

    Nice! Good call on that left hand thread... I forgot one day... Yup...
  7. super-bee_ski

    FOR SALE BF Goodrich 69 Hemi Charger Print Original

    I'M SORRY...IS THAT A TYPO? $30.00 or are you asking $300.00?
  8. super-bee_ski

    Steve Been and David Waldan 4-door Barracuda

    "Risen from the Dead" Ha...Ha...the Phoenix has risen again!
  9. super-bee_ski

    Anyone Know the Owner (‘73 Challenger)?

    Call that number? Do Contact tracing....
  10. super-bee_ski

    Swapped my 15x7 Rallies onto my 71 Charger.

    Love that Charger Bee! Wheels look G-R-E-A-T
  11. super-bee_ski

    Rare satellite?

    It IS what it says it is.... No doubt Great car Congratulations on your car Lucky guy... :thumbsup:
  12. super-bee_ski

    Remember when?

    You got that right moparedtn!
  13. super-bee_ski

    Remember when?

    Wishing I could go back in time..... Neat pic I found. The Superbird looks NEW
  14. super-bee_ski

    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    Just a heads up everyone... The USAF and Navy have GROUNDED the F-35 fleet Potential ejection Seat failure...... This is a BIG issue...
  15. super-bee_ski

    Metal clanking when accelerating at 65mph, 69 roadrunner 383 4spd.

    Typically with a "Load" off, the differential can Clank... upon de-eceleration....