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  1. bolson6333

    '73 Charger acts like she wants to turn over, but will only intermittently

    I take it it died on the road and hasn't started since; have you checked timing chain? back fire thru carb suggests valve timing issue.
  2. bolson6333

    WTB 1965 Coronet Wagon

    was one in Billings Mt. facebook marketplace
  3. bolson6333

    WTB ISO battery tray

    This one's not too bad of shape a little dinged on that right rear corner if you don't find a better one by Monday I can throw it in with that cross member
  4. bolson6333

    montana 62

    looking good!
  5. bolson6333

    montana 62

    Would this do you any good?
  6. bolson6333

    montana 62

    Pretty sure I have a rear trans cross member off of wife's 64 will look tomorrow when I get home
  7. bolson6333

    SOLD Mark Williams 8 and 3/4 10 spline pinion yolk

    Mark Williams part number 39016 steel pinion yoke uses 1350 u-joint. Missing two of the nuts for the u-bolt. Asking $75 sent to you in the lower 48. Splines are in good shape picture is not good.
  8. bolson6333

    montana 62

    well how did it go ? did you get everything done you were hoping to? any pix?
  9. bolson6333

    What does RB stand for on a 440?

    not sure about that I had a 1960 Chrysler with a RB 383. I was second owner of all original station wagon.
  10. bolson6333

    SOLD Tapered axle hub puller

    Appears to be in very good condition I see no part number or brand name on it asking $65 mailed to you in lower 48
  11. bolson6333

    montana 62

  12. bolson6333

    I just had to do one

    An up to date view with more snow forecast for tonight another 8-10 in
  13. bolson6333

    I just had to do one

    that's the Chamber of Commerce come visit photo. If I have a reason to go to town in the next few days I will post a now pix
  14. bolson6333

    montana 62

    I've always thought bigger was better
  15. bolson6333

    I just had to do one

    so why don't you just keep the cold up there?
  16. bolson6333

    I just had to do one

    our current feel likes --50
  17. bolson6333

    I just had to do one

    Another for the nobody cares file
  18. bolson6333

    WTB CSR 836 Transmission Shield

    Might not have the bolt bushings put should have the reinforcement plates. pm if interested