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    Brake Testing at DMV on a Brake Machine

    likely the total lbs. force applied to the pad! I think it's the brake balance they have issue with! maybe take your results back to them and get some explanation,just because one guy can't decipher it doesn't mean none of them can! I was pulled over in a spot check and after looking at the...

    Checking for allergies on a horse.

    what is the deal with girls and horses! My cousin Dr. Bonnie Mallard "now" was always around horses from the time she was 10 yrs old. It's taken her a long long way! congrats to your daughter and get her to google Bonnie it might give her extra incentive to reach farther!

    Top 3 Greatest Guitarist Ever

    ^ playing the guitar in your lap does have some reach advantages that are impossible to play conventionally. He definately had a great sound! I'm with srv/van halen for best in there genre. David Gilmore has to be near the top!He certainly came out with sounds which were likely a first for our...

    Engine stalling on heavy accelerations

    I spoke with a couple engine guys I know that have TR experience ,they directed me to this Narrowing tunnel ram plenums for streetability. - Page 2 - Don Terrill’s Speed-Talk maybe stuffing isn't necessary

    Brake Testing at DMV on a Brake Machine

    I'd call hunter and try tech dept. maybe you can send them email of your results for an explanation! I understand the machine uses weight tranfer to establish brake %, suspension changes could alter results for/aft. but not side to side!

    Brake Testing at DMV on a Brake Machine

    I went through falstaff Ave. dmv yard in my 69 runner with bad master, hit the line lock button pump the pedal twice before stomping it and they said the cars perfect,bye,bye! wtf?

    Engine stalling on heavy accelerations

    on the track with a 3500 stall converter it might hurt,but on the street I doubt you'd notice it! motor is likely running through a full exhaust system so I imagine the tunnel is likely way over kill in it's airflow ability!sounds like he's married to it with the hood mods and likes the look so...

    Engine stalling on heavy accelerations

    if you really want to keep the tunnel and street drive it, maybe you need to fabricate some sheetmetal baffles and install them in the intake reducing plenum volume and increasing air velocity.

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    then you get to see the other end! LMFAO
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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    I know some have seen it before,but I think it's how most of us feel when near one! It's friday again!
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    sometimes I can't get the consent off my mustache!
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    What was the first movie you ever saw . . .

    First drive-in I remember was "Magnificent 7" First movie in good theater was "Bullitt" First movie that I probably was too young to see "The Graduate"
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    What's the Dumbest Thing You’ve Done to Your B Body?

    I swapped engines/4 speeds in my 66Bii,69RR!383,hemi! shoulda left them alone!Both are gone now and I think I left some money on the table!
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    Just before the snow comes down

    the last time I saw studs on a car was on my dads 65 Galaxie! I still remember the noise running down the highway! you havn't seen grooves in cement until you run a sled with 200hp and 200 picks! I pulled up to my front walkway to get something out of the house and later when I came back the...
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    Who hates SNOW ?

    getting the tractor dressed for winter with chains and cab is about the hardest part of it for me! I like when the pool is closed and the leaves are done! yup I said it "Leaves coming soon", shit!
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    Whats it worth?? 1969 charger project..

    rattlecan an 01 on the doors should bring 40K!
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    Who hates SNOW ?

    kinda funny this thread got revived now! I was just shopping new skis for my beast! this week I was bitching about the price for a pool filter cap $50 for a little piece of plastic, now a little more plastic is going to cost $500. I'm sick of cutting and trimming grass bring on the ice and snow!
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    Who Likes Aircraft ?

    I was freshening a couple merc powerheads for a guy around 1985! He comes over to my work bench and looks it over and sees a big intake at the back! he says is that an intake for a lancaster and I replied certainly not for any engines in here, why? He says were restoring a lancaster bomber at...
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    Top Speed run

    kinda why I like sledding,can run all day long 125-130mph and if you get caught speeding it's just a set fine ticket! so if your gonna be 10 over might as well make it worth while!boating is the same but costs a lot of money to run around at 130mph! I've heard a veyron can kill a set of tires in...
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    A New Respect for Oak Snakes

    got a lot of rattlers and water snakes here! when I start seeing snakes falling from trees it's gonna look like the desert here! took me 60 yrs. to get use to working arounds bees ,snakes it aint ever going to happen! Weve had a couple water snakes getting into bass boats this year and scaring...