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  1. bearman

    1964 Polara Convertible 426 Street wedge

    You'll need alot of zip lock bags and a marker. Nice ride You'll going to love when its done.
  2. bearman

    Ready for NMCA Norwalk

    Pedal to the metal enjoy the weekend.
  3. bearman

    Floor shifter for auto

    A buddy was asking me about floor shifter. I told him just look around there are so many including stock shifters. The car is a nice street cruiser but its up to him. I just wanted to see what you guys use.
  4. bearman


    Red x really please explain.
  5. bearman

    Floor shifter for auto

    What's a good floor shifter for the street. Don't want a bunch ratchet shift just something to put in gear on go. Any good ideas
  6. bearman

    Performance parts

    Will the performance parts go up in price or will they become out of stock. Will we be looking at used parts on the rise as the green deal takes over.
  7. bearman

    Made it to the final 6 cars yesterday. Getting closer

    Nice work thanks for always sharing. It keeps my drive going to build mine. Thanks
  8. bearman

    Lost someone close to me.

    Prays for you and so sorry for your loss.
  9. bearman

    I lost my best friend this morning

    Very sorry for your are correct time is short but your memories will last forever. Praying for you and family.
  10. bearman

    Lucky Fluckey

    Need more guys like him. Instead of the man in the skirt thing.
  11. bearman

    Happy Birthday Fran Blacker

    Happy birthday to you enjoy the day.
  12. bearman

    1,300HP Mercury Comet BRAKE FAILURE CRASH

    Neglect of power and brains. Now he will pay for being stupid.
  13. bearman

    1,300HP Mercury Comet BRAKE FAILURE CRASH

    The owner was pumped up and not even thinking about the problems. Come on even before they took off brakes,seatbelts etc. Was mentioned. Now he endangered other people when you own something like this safety is first. He has put a mark on the hobby because of not thinking. The worse thing is the...
  14. bearman

    TTI Headers fitment issues? Any dimensions available?

    If it's the wrong header for the right side it won't be surprising as alot of parts seem to have that problem lately. What use to be one out ten would be wrong part in today's world its more like three out of ten wrong. Nobody has quality control anymore most warehouse or parts people can't even...
  15. bearman

    Gas Monkey sell off!

    Debt load gots to be heavy. Then add the beer on top of it. Time to start all over again with a new twist.
  16. bearman

    How many water pump housings are there for a BB?? What bracket to use?

    If you have your parts manual it will show you all parts needed to make it work. Also a picture of how each part is mounted. Good luck. Make sure you get the correct water pump pulley so you don't under drive or over drive your water pump. Don't know what your doing with your car are you street...
  17. bearman

    So....I turned 61 today

    Hey guess what it's your birthday. Happy birthday to you and many more.
  18. bearman

    The passing of my wife Gloria, and an unintended pun

    Praying for you and your family.
  19. bearman

    Time for the name game....

    Looks like a cammer.
  20. bearman

    Remember when?

    The days of cruising all night. Then doing it again the following night was awesome. Everytime was like the first time never got old. Then it took all week to get ready for the next friday.miss thise days.