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  1. moparsaver

    FOR SALE 1973 Plymouth Satellite RR decals 8800

    That means YOUR inbox is full. Clear some messages.
  2. moparsaver

    Coolest ever Yard Cart . . . Incredible "find" on CL . . .

    Great score on that yard toy. :thumbsup:
  3. moparsaver

    Where to buy sheet metal in New England area?

    Home - American Steel & Aluminum
  4. moparsaver

    Renew my membership, what other to do that without paypal

    PayPal is just the processor and an account is not needed. Use a credit card like you would buying something from any vendor.
  5. moparsaver

    Should I buy this 1978 Z28?

    Should I buy this 1978 Z28?
  6. moparsaver

    CDN72SE's Restoration Thread

    :lol: Really, really nice work happening here. :lowdown::lowdown:
  7. moparsaver

    FOR SALE 1972 Charger hideaway LH inner grille New

    NOS 1972 Charger hideaway headlight drivers side inner grill. This has never been installed and is in Excellent condition. A couple of very small nicks in the black paint in the center bar is about all, Zero pitting. Maybe polish the chrome to make it Really stand out. Asking $275 plus...
  8. moparsaver

    SOLD Bucket seats

    Sold, Thanks Brian.
  9. moparsaver

    FOUND 71 Charger grille section, R/T taillight housing

    Used LH grille. R/T taillight housings. Conversation stated.
  10. moparsaver

    SOLD Bucket seats

    Conversation started, Thanks.
  11. moparsaver

    When did window fuzzies suddenly become rubbers ?

    Agreed. Have them shipped here if you’d like Roger and if they’re willing to do so of coarse. It will make a great travel companion with this.
  12. moparsaver

    Who hates SNOW ?

  13. moparsaver

    WTB 72 Charger passengers side hidden headlight door.

    10/4 Jeff. This one is a left side.
  14. moparsaver

    SOLD Bucket seats

    For pickup in Framingham/possible delivery within a reasonable distance. Complete set removed from a 73 Charger SE Brougham parted long ago. I think(?) they were original to the car but cannot say for sure. Tracks operate as they should, at least one track will need a little straightening and...
  15. moparsaver

    WTB 72 Charger passengers side hidden headlight door.

    No luck my friend…. You got all the 72 doors when I dropped off those 2 complete 72 setups. Here’s what I have left, mostly 71. Thanks for making me look, Found some seats up there I forgot about and don’t need Lol. Any interest in those?
  16. moparsaver

    WTB 72 Charger passengers side hidden headlight door.

    I probably have one attached to a frame Pete, I’ll look on Saturday. Will let you know. :thumbsup:
  17. moparsaver

    Can anyone decode the markings behind rear seat 1969 roadrunner

    VX1= Black vinyl top. Is/was the interior brown? If so Y6H3 is the interior code?
  18. moparsaver

    For Sale - NOT MINE*** 1973 roadrunner

    Take a second look at the bolt pattern. I see an 8 1/4”.