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  1. slimt

    A bird in the hurricane

    Hope its not a real photo. To me ot looks like 1/18 scale cars photoshopped in . But then again who knows.
  2. slimt

    1966 Plymouth Satellite HP2

    That is such a sweet car.
  3. slimt

    Do not buy

    As recent as 1980.
  4. slimt

    Do not buy

    Alot of people in Canada cannot write read or speak in english . I work with one. :lol:
  5. slimt

    Old mags and lugs

    I bet there about 52 years old. Nice wheels. :lol:
  6. slimt

    Happy Birthday Dibbons

    :bday: :bday: :bday: :bday:
  7. slimt

    Happy Birthday bandit67 !

  8. slimt

    Custom Sized Fiberglass Hood Scoop

    What model of car you applying the scoop to ?
  9. slimt

    Why it seems just about every Charger for sale has fresh thick undercoating?

    Funny you should talk about this. 7 years ago I was on the hunt for a 66/7 Charger. At the time one Red one in Maple Ridge BC seemed to be a nice one. 12 g was the price. But I was told it was in the shop getting a freshening up . Well went out looked at it. Not bad until I looked...
  10. slimt

    Top 3 Greatest Guitarist Ever

    There are alot of great guitar players. Chet Atkins , Jerry Reed, Glen Campbell , Roy Clark come to mind. I watched Prince on my guitar gently weeps. I liked it. There are just to many.
  11. slimt

    Walk around of idling Hemi

    Yup ,it was brutal.
  12. slimt

    Ebay 1977 volare wagon

    Nice barn find. Nice barn too. :lol:
  13. slimt

    Walk around of idling Hemi

    I was born into a poor family. We walked 10 miles to school and back. :lol:
  14. slimt

    Ebay 1977 volare wagon

    Rental cars is all they were good for .
  15. slimt

    So....I turned 61 today

  16. slimt

    Not the official weather thread.....

    There are alot of stupid ones up here
  17. slimt

    Any cigar smokers on here?

    I like prime times. Buuuuuttt. We cant get those here.
  18. slimt


    Thats a cool ad.
  19. slimt

    1958 Dodge Coronet

    I dont see the adjustments on the arms for the lifters. That should be a dual point as well, No?