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    Dust trail or no dust trail.

    I'd have to have it on there if it were mine ( wish it was )
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    Totally new Mopar guy question...

    500 HP out of a 440 with good street manners is very doable. Lots of different ways to get there, best thing would be to look up some build threads on here and talk to good engine builders that do it everyday. For a street car ,a little on the heavy side I personally would look at maybe doing a...
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    The world has lost its mind

    So you think black people as the same as transtesticles?....Trying to prove a point and tripping over your own flawed logic, typically libtard thinking. I swear you people don't have enough brain cells to make a headache.
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    New Member from New Jersey

    Welcome from Southampton,NJ. You may want to reach out to George from GTL metal polishing, he works out of his home , one street down from the "Jackson outlets" in Jackson, NJ. 732 833-7490. Fair pricing, decent turn around time and excellent work.
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    Dillon Radiator Dropped the Ball

    I'm pretty happy with my Cold Case 26" rad in my 64' Polara
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    Pics from Back in the Day

    The family still has Joe's 1970 pink hemi Challenger.
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    1964 dodge polara horn ring

    A lot of guys prefer the half ring for visibility reasons if that matters to you.
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    4 door to 2 dr conv. ?

    Sorry I don't have a answer for you and would like hear what that the fix would be myself. Could you post some pictures of your car?, the 4 to 2 door swap is very interesting and could open up some new doors for me ( pun intended).
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    Should fuel pressure remain when car is shut down?

    Those clear plastic gas filters start more car fires than ex wives.
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    Pics from Back in the Day

    I'll ask Joey next time I see him. Big Joe had so many hemi Mopars it's hard to remember them all. He was a good guy.
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    Blown tranny now. Honestly, what next?

    I noticed the same thing with mine, I backed the header bolts all the way loose on the passengers side and zip tied the collector toward the rocker , it give me just enough room to side the trans back. I didn't want to have to mess with header gaskets on the driver's side. Actually, I got lucky...
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    Blown tranny now. Honestly, what next?

    I just rebuilt my 727 in my 64' about 2 weeks ago and i left the starter laying on the 2" TTI headers while the trans was out. I remember thinking that there was no way in the world to replace the starter in this 64' without either removing the trans or lifting the motor/ undoing headers and...
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    Blown tranny now. Honestly, what next?

    As mentioned, most likely the starter. Pull off the inspection cover and look at the teeth on the convertor, turn the engine over BY HAND to check all the teeth. Hopefully the teeth are all still good. This is the kind of stuff that makes guys get away from the old rides and buy new but think...
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    Question on Power steering hoses to use on Alerktion

    I have the CVF Black Diamond with the Type 2 pump w/ detached tank on a 493 with a RMS Alterkation front end ( 64' B body but same connections) and gave up looking for a pre-made line. I had a local hydrolic shop make one up, same kind of money but fit as I needed it to.
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    Air Cleaner Base Studs

    Maybe try a shouldered style nut?. It would require drilling the holes out larger but would allow the threaded portion to reach down into the stud further.
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    Tri-City Plating and my station wagon bumper

    Tri-City for bumpers and straight chroming and right down the street is R&D refinishing for chroming pot metal parts. Their the best,but bring your wallet.
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    MSD Rev Control

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    Mopars found on Private Property

    New age marketing, create a You Tube video, dollars spent = near zero. The whole tone of the video is "Look, there just sitting out in the rain". Translation, you can buy one cheap just leave your contact info in the comments. Very effective way of getting the word out about your upcoming sale...
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    64 Only

    There is not much that is stock or "Correct" about my 64'. The console is from a 65', mine originaly came with a push button auto. I also didn't use the factory style wiring so i got rid of the bulk head connection and i'm pretty sure that i used the firewall hole that your'e talking about for...
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    Fuel pressre drops to near zero

    Even a properly working gauge can lose 3 pounds when hot, best gauge to get is a Aeromotive #15632 with the equilizer valve on top. That valve will reset the gauge back to a nuetral reading after the fluid inside gets hot.