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  1. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday 440Coronet500

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  2. turbine68rt

    Valve Train Noise after Cam Break-In

    VR-1 10W-30 has 1400ppm of zinc. Why would that need an additive? Been using it during and ever since break-in with no problems.
  3. turbine68rt

    Happy birthday Richard Davis

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  4. turbine68rt

    For Sale *Not Mine* 68 Road Runner $32k NY

    1968 plymouth road runner for sale by owner - Jamestown, NY - craigslist
  5. turbine68rt

    383 engine won’t start

    Is the choke fully closed when engine is cold?
  6. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday Polywideblock

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  7. turbine68rt

    Pie Tin Decal

    And the horn, volt reg cover, intake, cap & wires, neg cable attaching point, saginaw pump, overflow hose, a/c compressor, hose clamps......
  8. turbine68rt

    Pie Tin Decal

    Expensive, and that's if you can find one.
  9. turbine68rt

    Pie Tin Decal

    If you're looking to buy one, it won't be easy.
  10. turbine68rt

    Pie Tin Decal

    Not a separate decal. 68 uses the red tin.
  11. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday Cranky

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  12. turbine68rt

    Happy Birthday snakeyes

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  13. turbine68rt

    Front Wheel Bearing End Play

    For drums, you tighten the nut to 90 in.lbs while rotating, then line up an open slot in the retainer with the cotter pin hole and back off one slot with the retainer in place before installing cotter. This will give between .000"-.003" endplay. I would think yours would use the same procedure...
  14. turbine68rt

    Bulkhead connectors orientation on schematic

    The left column (A B C D) is how it appears from the interior side of the firewall. The right column (D C B A) Is how it appears from the engine side of the firewall.
  15. turbine68rt

    FOR SALE Small Block Fuel Pump Eccentric & Hdw

    Small block fuel pump cam including cupped washer and mounting bolt. Cleaned and ready to install. $35 including shipping to the U.S. Paypal accepted.