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  1. Hikin Mike

    Selfmade shackles

    I did for my 1969 Firebird 400 (w/455). Been running it for 30+ years with no issues. I just measured and I used 1/4 steel.
  2. Hikin Mike

    My '66 500 and I spend our 44th anniversary together

    Nice car! Where in Alaska? I spent a year in King Salmon AK.
  3. Hikin Mike

    Was your dad a gear head or no?

    I would say he is mechanically inclined, but not a gear head. He's had some cool cars, 65 Chevelle 283 SS and then a 63 Corvette 327 w/4-speed (which I learned how to drive a manual). He always had company cars and I remember he did have a 73-ish Satellite Sebring. Don't remember him working on...
  4. Hikin Mike

    Who here remembers doing this?

    Yep, I was a Petroleum Transfer Engineer (pumped gas) in the early 80's and the oil companies started using the plastic cans. Loved it because I didn't have to deal with the spouts.
  5. Hikin Mike

    Customer States Brakes Started Smoking While Driving

    One of my favorite subscribed YouTube Channels!
  6. Hikin Mike

    I go in for tire repair and the man asks about my windshield wipers.... ???

    I get my tires at America's Tire and they always mention about new wiper blades. They say their blades are cheaper then the auto parts store w/free installation. I passed.
  7. Hikin Mike

    who else had a big hood scoop on their car in the '70s-80

    Yep. I would still run that hood, but one day I forgot to pin it and it destroyed the hood as I started to drive. Didn't damage the car thankfully.
  8. Hikin Mike

    How to make a better home cooked hamburger ?

    I use Italian Bread Crumbs. I don't have a formula for the bread crumbs, just a few generous sprinkles. I also use the thumb method so they don't shrink as much.
  9. Hikin Mike

    List your car-related pet's names here.

    Don't have any photos of our cats with car names (they've all passed), but we had a Tempest, Fury and Belvedere.
  10. Hikin Mike

    High Alert - B52 Scramble

    It's sad to see it now. I fixed the Air Traffic RADAR and the shop I worked was demo'd to make room for the prison. Last year the demo'd my dorm.
  11. Hikin Mike

    High Alert - B52 Scramble

    Miss those days. I was stationed at Castle AFB in Atwater, CA for almost 3 years in the late 80's. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hikin Mike

    old family photos

    My mom's parents wedding-ish photo. My dad's parents wedding-ish photo. My parents.
  13. Hikin Mike

    Why is This On Here

    I'm using a desktop (don't own a cell phone) and I'm using Brave as my browser. I use AdBlock on all sites except for YouTube. Brave does block ads on YouTube.
  14. Hikin Mike

    What got you into Mopars?

    I always had a soft spot for Mopars though because there were a few guys in town that drove 68/9 Satellite/Road Runners and I thought they looked cool. Also I used to sit in the stairs to the garage and look at this. My uncle bought it new and sold it to my grandfather... Don't burn me at...
  15. Hikin Mike

    What’s your number…

    I'm an amateur I guess... 1972 Nova (sold) 1966 Chevelle (sold) 1969 Firebird 400 1968 Coronet 500 convertible 1987 Cavalier (sold) 2002 Caravan (totaled) 2010 Odyssey
  16. Hikin Mike

    How many years have you owned a performance/classic vehicle ?

    I ended up putting a 350, then blew that up, and went with a 283. Also it had a 3 on-the-tree and put a 4-speed from a Vega...lol!
  17. Hikin Mike

    How many years have you owned a performance/classic vehicle ?

    Now I would, but back in 1980 I never thought them as classics. Tell me about it. The typical "...I wish I kept it..." comes to mind.
  18. Hikin Mike

    How many years have you owned a performance/classic vehicle ?

    I'm 58 and my first two cars I don't consider them classics or performance. First was a 72 Nova w/6-cylinder and my second car was a 66 Chevelle w/6-cylinder. Back then (1980-ish) they were just cars, cool cars, but just cars. In 1988-ish I bought a 69 Firebird 400 (w/455) which I still have...
  19. Hikin Mike

    68 coronet rear bumper bolt holes

    No, mine measure 19.5" center-to-center for the outer and 25" between the middle.
  20. Hikin Mike

    Got Bored Today and Made a Video

    It does smoke a bit. Since it's been not running since 2006, I hope it will come around a bit once I start driving it on the highway. Nope, never lived in Napa. I was going to mention that in the video (may add that now). Yes, I used to do a lot of hiking/backpacking until my knees when south...