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  1. tnfastback

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  2. tnfastback

    Fender Tag

    LLC A high option 383 4 barrel car could be worth a bit. The dash points toward it being a factory a/c car, which it still retains and works great. That would lead me to believe the ps & pb would also probably be factory. The car has been repainted a different shade of its color, but the...
  3. tnfastback

    Fender Tag

    No. The VIN decodes as a 383 car, but as far as if the a/c, ps, on, etc?
  4. tnfastback

    Fender Tag

    Looking at a 67 Belvedere that has no fender tag. How much does this affect price on a restored car?
  5. tnfastback

    Wife and I had a wonderful day at the Cruise Against Cancer - and I made the news!

    Where is the cruise in located on the 23rd??
  6. tnfastback

    1970 RR Wiper Motor repair/rebuild

    Your inbox is full.
  7. tnfastback

    Happy Birthday JERRY HALL

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :bday:
  8. tnfastback

    Happy birthday to themechanic

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :bday:
  9. tnfastback

    100 year blizzard bearing down on Oklahoma

    Why does everybody usually just buy milk, eggs and bread?? French toast party :D
  10. tnfastback

    Tommy Boy/Joe Dirt car.

    Tommy Boy :thumbsup:
  11. tnfastback

    Bengals going to Superbowl

    I like Burrow also, but would like to see Stafford get a ring after leaving that Dumpster Fire in Detroit.
  12. tnfastback

    Getting a new fender tag

    A.G. Backeast out of Colorado does great tags.
  13. tnfastback

    Bob Saget not coming down

    The House isn’t Full anymore. RIP
  14. tnfastback

    Any furnace guru's?

    Guy jumps out of a plane and begins falling frantically pulling at his rip cord. Half way down he passes a guy going up and says “Do you know anything about parachutes?” The guy responds “No, do you happen to know anything about gas furnaces?” :lol:
  15. tnfastback

    Happy Birthday To MarPar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :bday:
  16. tnfastback

    Happy New Year Everyone.

    Happy New Years!!! Hope 2022 brings many happiness and peace.
  17. tnfastback

    I'm crying...

    So sorry to hear Hawk. You definitely did the right and humane thing for Zoe. You will always have the memories to enjoy although that is not the same as them being with us.
  18. tnfastback

    WTB Orange spark plug wires NOS

    P4529797 Mopar Wires at Summit or Amazon?
  19. tnfastback

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas