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  1. 496 polara

    Looking for Cam type/size opinions and help

    Cam and Lifters, Timing, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Adv. Duration 262/270, Lift .462/.470, Mopar, 273-360, Kit Everything else on your list is too large. Many other things needed to support that choice as well.
  2. 496 polara

    295/50/15 on the back of '73 Charger

    There was an old issue of one of the Mopar mags years ago where they did a complete suspension upgrade on a 71-74 Charger and they ran 295/50/15 on the rear and 265/50/15 on the front. Mopar muscle or high performance Mopar can't remember which. I am pretty sure they ran 8" on the front but...
  3. 496 polara

    Comment by '496 polara' in item '21 Years later still love this car'

    Beautiful car and a cool story.The 68 had the cleanest lines of the three year run IMO.
  4. 496 polara

    Opinions wanted of the ballpark value on this 73 B5 in/out A57 400 #'s car

    Beautiful! Buy it!! My first car was a 73 400 Charger. Non Rallye but with buckets and console.Mine was flat hood and had Rallye wheels. I would probably trade/sell my big block duster to find one just like it in this condition.
  5. 496 polara

    Yet another 440 build

    Sounds like a well matched setup that wouldn't need a lot of gear.Don't really need any more than 10.0-1 with that camshaft.
  6. 496 polara

    Flowmaster American Thunder Super 40 vs. Pypes Street pro exhaust

    I would opt for the race pro over the street pro.I would even run the turbo pro over the street pro.
  7. 496 polara

    Going to purchase a set of 15" tires for my 67

    FWIW I see Uniroyal and BFG throw belts in tires quicker than any other brand. Some are old and some are not. Now potholes will hurt any tire if the impact is large enough. Most of our old cars are stored inside and they seem to not dry rot and crack as quick as a tire that is left outside.
  8. 496 polara

    Going to purchase a set of 15" tires for my 67

    Mastercraft is owned and built by Cooper. I have sold both with no issues. Matter of preference on the trade pattern.
  9. 496 polara

    Anybody recognize this cam?

    DODGE COMP Cams 21-249-4 COMP Cams Magnum Solid Camshafts | Summit Racing Maybe this one?
  10. 496 polara

    Headers - mufflers - want to add glass packs

    Try it and see. If it is still too loud then change mufflers and you will already have built in resonators. Please give us some before and after sound clips if you do.
  11. 496 polara

    Headers - mufflers - want to add glass packs

    I have a set of the purple horniest that bolt to header flanges. I will use them for the header install on my 72 Newport and to drive to the exhaust shop. To the OP if you don't want "loud" consider swapping mufflers.
  12. 496 polara

    Headers - mufflers - want to add glass packs

    Are those flowmaster mufflers? I can say I have never seen anyone try to use a resonator (glass pack or otherwise) with flowmasters. I would expect it to change the tone but have no idea how it will turn out.
  13. 496 polara

    Engine oil?

    It may very well be. I can purchase local and am not running high spring pressures with 2 hyd flat tappet cams so I doubt I will have any issues. If I ever build the stroked rb and don't run a roller cam I may opt for a different oil.
  14. 496 polara

    Engine oil?

    No extra zinc needed with Vr1 IMO.
  15. 496 polara

    1978 400

    It depends on how many miles are on it. An overall re seal with new freeze plugs not a bad idea. New timing chain set would be high on my list. After that how far are you willing to go? Valve job and some porting on the heads? Milling some for compression? Might as well replace that cast iron...
  16. 496 polara

    Engine oil?

    Lucas hot rod oil in 10w30. I also have Valvoline VR1 in 10w30.
  17. 496 polara

    Cylinder heads.

    I would imagine with stock rocker arms stock pushrods "should" work. If you run roller rocker arms then you will need different length pushrods.
  18. 496 polara

    Not a show car but It's mine!

    Lovely time capsule!
  19. 496 polara

    crane cam id

    278/290 advertised 222/234 @ .050 467/494 with 1.5 rockers 114 lca 56 degrees overlap good idle,daily performance use,mild bracket use,9.5 to 10.75 cr recommended 2200-5200 power range. If I am wrong someone correct me.
  20. 496 polara

    Help Me Complete My 383 Engine Build

    It all depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend. Finding a 400 (or 383) block to build over time while you can still drive yours is worth a thought. A nice 451 (or 432) would play well with what you have.