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  1. 1948 santa

    drive shaft yoke

    How do you plan on mounting the steel front trunnion to an aluminum shaft?
  2. 1948 santa

    Gas Tank Replacement

    I clear coated tank and strap before installation looks great.
  3. 1948 santa

    Lets see your cars!

    Here's my 63 Sport Fury.
  4. 1948 santa

    Need Battery Suggestions

    Might not be a battery problem and just a current draw.
  5. 1948 santa

    East coast Indoor nationals

    East coast indoor national at Timonium in Baltimore Md. Dec.1st and 2nd.
  6. 1948 santa

    Rust-oleum RockSolid Floor Coating Reviewed!

    Very nice job.Did 2 two car and one three car garage in the last few years with same product and was very happy with results,only thing was I let it cure for one month before parking a car on it. It's been five month now and no paint lift.
  7. 1948 santa

    Wanted--Power steering

    Rock Auto has it for $22.
  8. 1948 santa

    So F#'n Tired of WINTER!!!! 2014

    Swimming in the pool Saturday and wearing jeans and flannel shirt today.
  9. 1948 santa

    Parts book help

    Busy getting ready to move back to Maryland.Took the 63 Sport Fury north on the Auto Train last week. - - - Updated - - - Heater core not repairable and new 1 inch thick core not found in radiator shop parts listings.
  10. 1948 santa

    Green bearing question

    If you remove the thrust pins just make shure to save them and the bearing retainers and adjuster lock.
  11. 1948 santa

    Parts book help

    Not a B Body problem but a friend of mine asked me to pose a question about his 1989 Chrysler 5th Ave. Heater core is leaking and all the replacements on the Internet are 2 inches thick but his is only 1 inch thick.Does anyone have a parts book from that era that could shed some light on his...
  12. 1948 santa

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    That would be the one. I was hard to part with it for sure.
  13. 1948 santa

    What did you do to your Mopar today?

    Sent the Roadrunner to its new home in Mass.
  14. 1948 santa

    New Smyrna Beach Dec 14 cruise photos

    Like going to that show on the 2nd Saturday of the month.
  15. 1948 santa

    All Mopar show January 16th 2016

  16. 1948 santa

    Turkey Run

    There's always Turkey Run in March.
  17. 1948 santa

    Turkey Run

    I heard about 6000. - - - Updated - - - A few more pictures from Daytona Beach this weekend.
  18. 1948 santa

    Turkey Run

    This Dodge came from New York and had a 440 cid in it.
  19. 1948 santa

    SOLD 1969 Roadrunner coupe

    Still have the car, too many tire kickers I guess.
  20. 1948 santa

    Turkey Run

    A couple of pictures of pre Turkey Run at Bel Air plaza on A1A today.