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  1. Robert Hodges

    Brake a turn signal not working?

    I had a similar issue with my 67 Charger. Right rear brake light and turn signal quit working. I had a bad connection at the 10 pin connector in the kick panel. I cleaned the connector, put on some dielectric grease, and made sure all wires were connected and they both started working again.
  2. Robert Hodges

    Wanted to say "Hey"

    Nice looking 66! I have no problems with folks going with the paint they want. The original color for my 67 was gold. I don't like that color. It was a tomato red when I bought it. That didn't look good either. The colors on the car are mopar blue and silver. The blue is a 2009 color and the...
  3. Robert Hodges

    Wanted to say "Hey"

    Thanks for the info.
  4. Robert Hodges

    Wanted to say "Hey"

    Thanks for the info. That is a long wait time. I will look at it.
  5. Robert Hodges

    Still no luck with the '69 Charger 383. Hasn't fired once.

    I see a few folks have mentioned the wiring. On my 67 with a 383, there is a brown wire that goes to the transmission. It is the neutral safety switch. You may want to address the wiring and if the brown wire is to your neutral safety switch, make sure it properly connected and that the switch...
  6. Robert Hodges

    Wanted to say "Hey"

    Good day all. My name is Rob and I wanted to take a second to introduce myself and my 67 Charger. I've been working on it slowly since 2013. As y'all know, there is always something new to get engaged on. I have seen this site several times and finally decided to join the forum. I've...