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  1. bandit67

    UFOs or UAPs are real

    On the smaller buildings on the ground, every other row of three structures has an end structure sitting cadywapus to the rest, wonder what was the reason for that.....
  2. bandit67

    old dirt bike memories

    As a kid moving into my teens I got to play with several dirt bikes and have to urge now to go back. Picked up a couple to restore and this is the first dirt bike I got going. And my first 4 stroke dirt dobber. I love hearing the grandkids squeal as we run thru the woods.... I gave $200 bucks...
  3. bandit67

    Happy Birthday cr8crshr

    Congratulations Sir, and keep em coming :thumbsup: Hope your day is grand....
  4. bandit67

    Freeze Plug Popped Into Block

    Roll the motor upside down if possible and use compressed air at different access points to dislodge it . Once its flopping around in there a bit, fish it out.
  5. bandit67

    Remastered Favorite - The Marmalade - Reflections Of My Life Old Footage Restored Stereo

    Loved it! Left handed axe players are usually very interesting , different point of view type guys....thanks
  6. bandit67

    What winch are you using on your car trailer?

    Just remember KD, unless you are of age to be done with draggin barn finds to the house, eventually you will find one ,with one or more, brake drums frozen/locked up. I had rather drag them up on the trailer and fix them at home rather than the muck I usually find them in. I went with a more...
  7. bandit67

    Hello from North Georgia, USA.

    Welcome from Middle Ga, :thumbsup: lots of folks here with great knowledge to share, and lots of free inspiration to boot.....
  8. bandit67

    Not good luck with pantless dent remover kit, what am I doing wrong......

    Sorry about the pantless part, auto correct got me a couple of times and I thought i got it. I seen the vids and its looks like the system could work for certain dents. The gas tank had been repainted and it did pull the paint off. But it's getting a total repaint so not a problem, it then...
  9. bandit67

    Not good luck with pantless dent remover kit, what am I doing wrong......

    Okay guys, borrowed this from my neighbor to try my luck at making some dents a bit less. I tried on a motorcycle gas tank as well as a late model car, a 2004 with fairly thin sheet metal. With both, the glue would pull loose bout a soon enough pressure was applied to get the metal flexing out...
  10. bandit67

    1968 Road Runner Heater Assembly ?

    Start with a 6 inch 90 duct and make your square flange and fit it up, maybe?
  11. bandit67

    Happy Birthday Richard Cranium?

    WHAT, Im late, Did I MISS anything, hope your day was great. :thumbsup:
  12. bandit67

    Better, best fire ant killer?

    Amdro makes at least two different ant poisons. One for fire ants and the other covers up 12 other type ants. I have both types here and have to use which is needed as they won't interchange. I am not a pest control guy but have been told one can kill the zillion of ants in a mound with...
  13. bandit67

    Removing and reinstalling a 53 year old headliner

    Total removal and reinstallation would prolly not be possible . 50 years of heat and time usually weakens the threads at all the seams. You might be lucky enough to just release the first section enough for repairs and get it put back if not much pulling is done. If you can get it back just...
  14. bandit67

    Any Golfers?

    Never hit a golf ball in my life, was too fearful of discovering another something that I loved to do with my limited time. But, I lived in Augusta Ga. for 35 years and got badges and tickets to the Augusta National every chance I could for the Masters. Had a ball every time I went and for sure...
  15. bandit67

    The 3-Cyl 6-Piston Commer TS3 Was Simple, Reliable And Genius

    Makes me wonder what Chrysler saw as a threat and had most all aspects destroyed. Its one thing to say because of its emissions , or other design shortcoming, there is no need for further development, but to specifically eradicate ALL built parts and design documents, interesting for sure.
  16. bandit67

    Paint color coverage..good vs bad ?

    Seems when I spray most any silver, I have the most left over when I quit.
  17. bandit67

    Melanie Safka won't be down to roller skate

    Wow, talk about having a 'senior" moment. Had in my head Melanie was the youngest performer at Woodstock in 1969 from an article I read years ago. A big fubar for me, seems another young man who was the drummer for Sha-Na-Na takes that seat...... NEWS John 'Jocko' Marcellino: The youngest person...
  18. bandit67

    Melanie Safka won't be down to roller skate

    She was the youngest performer at Woodstock, like 16 or 17. Was flown in with her mother as she was underage to be there own her on. RIP , thanks for the memories you left us with......
  19. bandit67

    Happy Birthday Ron_M

    Happy late B day wish pile on to you Sir, hope your day was grand. :drinks:
  20. bandit67

    What brand control arm bushings?

    Ive never had an issue with genuine Moog parts but understand the Chinamanese junk copies are getting much better, even the boxes are looking perfect. I see better prices on line but stay with the local parts stores thinking they are more likely the real deal. Can y'all spot the imitators ....