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    Windshield wiper motor

    t it a 2 speed or 3 speed thrn get the factory part # & go look @ nos partssome parts stores sell a1cardone remans
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    727 Not Pulling

    add a pint . u may have a bad or a bad one u know they r all rebuilt now . none r new
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    How to build a high revving 440?

    sounds to m .like u have di=on it . bu what knd of oil pressure dose it have? i hope its atleast 75-80 lbs?
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    What RPM is Redline for a 1972 - 400 engine?

    how much oil pressure do u have? it will determine the safe rpm u can hit with out damaging the motor
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    How to build a high revving 440?

    I DIDNT i used the oem pan & pick up i was useing mine as a daily driver + no one out in my area had a deep sump pan if i wanted a deep sump pan i would had to make it myself or had it made . the only problem i had was he oil pressure started to drop part was through 1 st gar but then...
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    Engine dies like key was turned off

    as as for as no crank in park its a linkage issue or maybe a flaky neutral safety switch it screws into the side of the trany the key switch dose not have anything to do with it s for it just stopping i would look fir a hot coil wire / ignition wire grounding some place but i know...
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    How to build a high revving 440?

    y do u want yo go or 6500 rpms? most good Mopar cams mak peak powrr from 5000-6500 rpms if u want to go over that make sure u have enough oil pressure& volume there is a old school rule that still holds true for every 10# of oil pressure for every 1000 RPM's i know guys thst think...
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    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    my 68 y/o cousn thas been a assa mechanic for ovr 40 yrs just told m this fresh built 727 that i was told that the down shift leakage should be all the way foward with the engine at idle.( foward these emails to him . hes been working on mopar for a long time . he helped me with my new...
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    Freshly rebuilt 727 help

    my advice to u . have a good trany guy check it something is screwed up
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    Please School me on A/C Tools

    w what type oa compressors do u have? if its the v twin type he only thing thing that will work right on them is R-12 WITH A GOOD POA VALVE . U NEED A GOOD POA VALVE IN THE BACK OF THE COMPRESSOR TO SLOW DOWN THE FREEON GOING THROUGH THE SYSTEM FOR THE AC TO WOR RIHHT. I LNOW I EWILL GET...
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    Recore or replace?

    if its ro=unning goo cold try a 195 thats whats in the 1980's-90's i had running hot issues so i put in a mopar high flow 160 u use to be able to buy a 185 high flow thermostat but they r not offered by chrysler any more u can get the exactly thing from mr gasket bt i was using a...
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    440 street cam

    mp resteration 440 Magnum / six pack cam it will work but u may need to use valve springs that r rated for upto a .500" lift
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    Oil pump not priming

    is it a race car?
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    Oil pump not priming

    did u pack the pump with petroleum jelly/Vaseline before u installed it?
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    i have over 1000 pics between 4 albums from back then & put them on a computer i also be long to the Facebook group MMCI Alumni many of the old crew is on it in .i want them to go on forever . r un in the fb group?