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    Real 68 Hemi Roadrunner help

    I've owned a couple '68 Hemi RRs, and did a ground-up on one of them. Saw that car for sale, and it looks clean & cool in photos, but a lot has been changed from stock. Besides checking for the VIN being RM21J8, it's seen enough mods (as many did) that it's not likely to be returned to original...
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    68 RR: Carpet color with black and silver interior

    Base interior in silver & black got black carpet for 4-speeds, black rubber floor covering for automatics. Per original cars (owned 2) and the factory info.
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    B-Body Pillar Post Molding

    The clips really grip - I start at the front and have often had to give the garnish a pretty scary yank down. A trim clip tool is handy.
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    SOLD 1968 Plymouth Satellite/Roadrunner

    B-pillar says it's either a Belvedere (RL21) or a Road Runner (RM21).
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    Model maker goofed

    The '68 HT is coming mid-year, supposedly new tooling. MCW and Scale Finishes both have lacquer for air brush use, in pretty much any factory or other color you want. For windows and a lot of other stuff, Evergreen's Canopy Glue is a godsend. A good model-making forum/site is Mopars In Scale.
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    Engine painting 1969 Charger RT

    Factory correct color, including the aftermarket stuff, is what I do. To me it looks cleaner, neater, and is easier to keep clean. I also take the Edelbrock scripts off the intake.
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    Sun visor & rear view mirror fastener question

    #8 chrome plated phillips-head sheet metal screws, about 3/4" long IIRC. Stainless will work.
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    Proper Storage/Washing/Cleaning

    These 2 (at left) haven't seen water in 3 years (yellow) & 5 (blue) - but they live a sheltered life: they never see rain, dirt roads, or get parked under a tree. Never a night outdoors so far. I washed each one when they first came home - Meguiar's car wash soap - but since then, an occasional...
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    B-Body Pillar Post Molding

    Windshield garnish mldg: remove screws at ends, loosen inboard screws, allow mldg to drop. If you need it completely removed, no problem, won't affect headliner. Lining up screws is mldg is removed is easy if locations are marked with masking tape or an awl is used to locate 1st hole. Side...
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    Real or Not Roadrunner RM21

    If the engine is VIN stamped - back by the oil pressure sender, on the bellhousing flange - the trans should be also, same area. Decor Group came along late enough that the odds are pretty good for stamping. It'll be something like "8G123456" or 8A-etc depending on assembly plant. Also, look...
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    Figuring oil capacity on a 62-5 stock B pan

    I haven't used one of those, but that isn't a good product review ! I've used mostly Milodon or MP, but I open up the louvers a bit to promote better drainage. Also a big proponent of using the biggest pan I can fit in the space allowed, but that sounds like probable overkill for the OP.
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    Figuring oil capacity on a 62-5 stock B pan

    Street use = no problem. The issue with wet-sump shallow pans is that the rotating assy scoops oil up from the sump as RPM increases. At higher RPM, that oil becomes a rope around the crank & rods, which not only creates drag, but aerates the oil. Smokey Yunick proved that on his Spintron back...
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    What I have and future plans

    As for the Tremec idea, until their new one (TKX), you had to cut up the floor & torsion bar crossmember. Rather than cut the car up, either the TKX or Passon's OD gearset swapped into the original trans is a better path to freeway use, or change the rearend gears to something taller. Nice car -...
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    FOR SALE 66-70 B 2-door window regulators

    Door glass/window regulators - used, worked fine when removed 40 years ago, stored inside since in case I ever needed them. $150 for the pair - don't want to separate. Shipping in the US should be around $20-$25 depending on distance. I'm in the Boise, ID area.
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    SOLD 69 GTX

    Pretty car. "A" is Lynch Rd, not St. Louis (G). Interior looks like '69 red vs '68 burgundy. '68 exterior side trim instead of '69 MAY be related to expense of the correct '69 moldings, stripe & blackout, but there would need to be a paper trail & confirmation on that. Original 4-speed GTX...
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    Real or Not Roadrunner RM21

    '68-'70 RR VINs start with RM, as already mentioned. For '68-'69, 5th digit is H for 383, J for Hemi. 383 Coupes & HTs shouldn't have torque boxes, Hemi cars should - though a few exceptions (mistakes) have surfaced over the years. T-bars should be .880" (383) or .920" (Hemi), should have...
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    Help identifying a trim group

    Tony's Parts has seat medallions; he had them reproduced.
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    Help identifying a trim group

    Decor Group for a Road Runner, standard trim for Satellite. H2X interior code, and if I recall correctly, A87 is the code for '69 RR Decor Group.
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    Transmission seals for a 1965 Coronet 500 source

    Also, Pat Blais in the Seattle area - I think he still sells on ebay as tflite-patty or something similar. Great guy to deal with.
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    68 Roadrunner colour

    There is a chart with % of production that I've seen - I think it was posted on moparts.com a couple years ago by one of the #s guys - but the pale tan colors were very low percentage. As for anecdotes, yeah, that's all I have: I can only recall seeing 2 light tan-colored RRs since they were...