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    Correct carb for a 1970 Charger RT - 440 auto?

    Three Carter carbs came with the 440-4 barrel automatic in 1970 on B and E body cars. Carter 4738S Auto Carter 4740S Auto + ECS Carter 4741S Auto + A/C
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    Tume an A727 to it's torque converter?

    the shift points can be adjusted some by adjusting the throttle pressure (kick down) linkage. The setting on your vehicle could be too high, causing that momentary lift on the throttle to shift.
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    '73 440 HP Exhaust manifold part numbers

    Casting numbers often differ from the actual part number by a few digits. In this case, the casting number (the number cast into the side of the part) is #3751071 and the actual part number is #3751072 (or maybe its #3751069) found in section 9-48-6 of the Parts Catalog.
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    Ahh!! The manual doesn’t mention this… need some help…

    I seem to recall it necessary to remove the fan and pulley from the front of the water pump to access ALL of the water pump bolts. But I DONT think you need to pull the radiator in order for the fan/pulley bolts to pull out far enough to remove. I recall there is plenty of room between the fan...
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    73/74 people with big blocks and factory wire looms, What plug wires are you running?

    The 440 engine has come in numerous bodies and configurations, so it may be a stretch finding a set that will fit your exect 440 configuration. These cut-to-fit sets are pretty decent. You usually only cut one end, the distributor end. By mixing around the wires (of varying lengths) in the...
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    WTB Big Block Auto Trans 727 Dipstick

    I'm looking for a transmission oil dipstick for a 1970-440 car. I got the tube, I just need the dipstick. I'd prefer something that looks OEM over a chromed one. But I guess I cannot be too choosey. I will likely need it shipped to 95401 Santa Rosa, CA. Thanks in advance.
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    Seafoam, but not that Seafoam

    I'm not sure there is any magic penetrating oil, or other physics-defying lubricant, to help with a broken off bolt. If I could foretell the future, and know ahead of time a bolt was restricted, rusty, and resistant to removal ahead of time, and would break off as it heated, softened, and...
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    SOLD 70 - 71 Dodge Parts Book - NEW PRICE

    does this come with the dealer vintage binder? or just the loose sheets?
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    Master Cylinder Finish

    it depends if you want it to pass as factory original or not. factory original is bare metal. and for good reason. most paints do not hold up well against brake fluid seepage from joints and the upper seal. i've restored a few with an iron phosphate coating that holds up well to west coast...
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    Carter AVS 4737S 1970 GTX 440 4BBL

    Back to the OP request, for suggestions: (and opinions) The carb being rebuilt can mean, it is cleaned, seals and gaskets replaced and adjustments approximated. It may not mean it is perfectly adjusted on the bench, nor ideally adjusted to your engine, throttle pressure setting, idle setting...
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    1968 Hemi 727 Trans? Please Help ID

    It sure seems improbable the internals were swapped with non-hemi transmission parts. When tranny shops do a swap, they swap the whole thing, case and all, so they can have the customer off the rack and out the door in a few hours. Later, when they go to rebuild the core, they aren't pulling...
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    Fall Fling XXVII 2023

    Rishi added a new event: Fall Fling XXVII Read more about this event...
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    Fall Fling XXVII 2023

    Oct 21, 2023
    Fall Fling show and shine and swap meet. Chrysler Performance West - Mopar Spring Fling & Fall Fling
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    WTB 727 Dipstick Big Block

    I’m looking for a dipstick to fit the tube of a 727 automatic transmission Big Block setup. I’ll buy the tube if needs be. It can be beat up, it’s for a driver.
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    Should i reuse Hydraulic lifters

    When replacing (just the) head gaskets, I'm not even sure I've removed the lifters in the past. So reusing them is a no-brainer. If you have bent pushrods, it's definitely possible you have one or more bent valves. If you've confirmed, beyond a doubt, that none of the valves are bent, I would...
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    440 hesitates on light throttle

    I vote accelerator pump. that's what it was for me, more than once. For some reason, heavy foot (probably because of the kick-down) doesn't do it as much as light throttle changes.
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    Hood scoop

    I think the air grabber is bad-***. It's probably not as good, technically, as the A12 scoop, but it looks pretty cool. Disclosure, I used to drive a 6 barrel air grabber car with 4-10 dana before I wrecked it. It may be something of a gimmick, like when a low-rider jacks up his car driving...
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    WTF?! Getting the front brake pads replaced

    take a few days and make it beautiful, again, and your next pad change will be a dream.
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    Need help with parts.

    Those heads are not the best, it is true. But we get it, often we have to just use what we got. Used sets of the 346 heads go for about $100/pair. Keep this in mind before spending too much on them by taking them to a head shop for service. I don't believe those heads, OEM, even had...