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    3 point seat belt Thread?

    Those are from a late model Subaru. I found them on Ebay. You can still buy them new through a dealer though. There were a few other options that I considered, but those seemed like the best for what I was doing. Ebay Link (out of stock)
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    Crappy Product? From Year-One (Seatbelt Solutions)

    I just installed some seatbelts from Seatbelt Solutions that I got through Wesco Performance. The retractors are a little weaker than I would like. Make sure you don't have anything creating extra resistance on the belt. Also see if your retractor is at an angle to the direction the belt is...
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    3 point seat belt Thread?

    Here is the link to the belts I ordered. There are a few options (color, buckle type). I asked them to reduce the buckle end to 4.5" since 12" would be too long. Wesco Roadster seatbelts I'll send you a PM with the flat patterns if it'll let me. Keep in mind that there are probably some...
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    3 point seat belt Thread?

    I heavily considered using some modern Challenger take-outs for mine. The thing that stopped it for me was that some retractors have a secondary lock-out for if the car is upside down. Meaning, if you don't install the retractor in the exact same orientation as the original installation, it...
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    3 point seat belt Thread?

    I just installed 3-point seatbelts in the rear of my '72. I got the assemblies from Wesco, but designed my own brackets. If anyone is interested I can give more information or share my bracket flat patterns.
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    Modern Rear Seatbelts

    I was considering putting in a set of modern challenger seatbelts, but after watching a few videos, it appears that the retractors are orientation specific. If you install the retractor in an orientation that it wasn't meant to, the seatbelt thinks the car is on it's side or upside down and...
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    Another Seatbelt Thread

    Based on the pictures, they show a sash, which makes me think this is more of a retrofit kit for a front bench, not a rear one. The retractor would ideally be mounted under the package tray. Rear seats don't have the sash. The sash is for when your top anchor point is on the ceiling and you...