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    Rebuilding a 1972 Plymouth satellite on a budget

    "I went out to check the rear gears just now and found out that the base police had towed my car for being an environmental hazard,..." Now that's an interesting story. Is it leaking fluids that bad? Where was it? Terry W.
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    Hello to my fellow B-Body Brothers and Sisters.

    Welcome. Both are really great looking cars. Terry W.
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    Into.. 1974 Charger

    Welcome to FBBO. Nice car. I just finished a 74 Charger last year. First thing I'd do is get the car moved to a dry indoor storage. Then I'd start ordering parts. You know the engine and transmission will need to be gone through. All rubber parts will need replacing. All brake and fuel systems...
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    It really looks nice! Welcome to the forum. Terry W.
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    New member from Mandeville, La

    Welcome to the site. Terry W.
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    New old guy from Washington State

    Welcome from Kennewick, Wa. Nice car. Terry W.
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    Hello from Pacific Northwest/first post

    Welcome here. Looking forward to seeing photos of your car. Terry W.
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    New From Washington State

    Here's a couple of my Charger Rallye photos although not much interesting there.
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    New From Washington State

    Here's a couple of my Challengers. The Chargers are semi-disassembled. I'll have to find some photos of them.
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    New From Washington State

    New to this site. I've been a member of other Mopar sites but after about a 5 year break, I'm getting back into the b-bodies to finish my 74 Charger Rallye 360. I currently have a 1971 Challenger 340 Shaker Convertible I bought in 1972, my son's 1971 Challenger hardtop stored here, my 1974...