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    Changing Strut Rods

    I just removed and reinstalled the strut rods on an e-body which is just like your car. I had to remove the lower control arms to remove and reinstall the strut rods. At that point, I just replaced ball joints (boots were cracked), tie rod ends, UCA bushings, torsion bar pivots, etc. I thought...
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    74 RR Lower Control Arm Shaft dust boots

    Detroit Muscle Technologies (DMT) also has them. Terry W.
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    Wheel Cylinders

    Well, that's sad to hear. I guess I'll get a couple of rebuild kits to have on hand for my 71 e-body and my 74-b-bodies. I'll probably get mine rebuilt eventually. Thanks Terry W.
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    Wheel Cylinders

    Please report back as I'm also tired of the import made parts. Thank you. I've found with NAPA, I pay more but about half the parts I get through them are USA made. Not so with the other discount auto parts places. Usually less than 10% of the parts through them are USA made. Terry W.
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    Wheel Cylinders

    NAPA online shows their 68 GTX wheel cylinders with USA on them. Is that a generic photo? Terry W.