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  1. hemi71x

    South Korea's F-4 Phantoms Final Flight. For All Us Military Aircraft Enthusiasts.

    Found this on the You Tube internet. I'm an old Air Force crew chief, aircraft mechanic, on the RF-4C models, during my years at the Zweibrucken, Germany, US Air Force Base back in 1974-76. One day, walking out on the flight line, i was told Chief Saint needs to see you in the line shack office...
  2. hemi71x

    Question? For others that have lost weight?

    This past April i got pissed off at myself, looking in the mirror, when toweling dry, after taking a shower. I was at 230 pounds, for a 5' 11" 70 year, old man. Decided to go on a diet, and loose weight. Initially i wanted to see an even 200 pounds, and that was easy enough to do. And the...
  3. hemi71x

    MOPAR Cans Of Spray Paint. All Colors. $1.50 A Can. Sacramento, CA. Area. NOT MINE

    Mopar Spray Paint Assorted Colors - auto parts - by owner - vehicle... NOT MINE. If your local to the Sacramento, Commiefornia area, this vendor has a damm good deal on all colors of Mopar spray paints.
  4. hemi71x

    72 Polara at the Stockton, CA. Pick-N-Pull wrecking yard.

    Got e mail notification this morning, that this 72 Polara is now out in one of the rows at the Stockton, CA. Pick-N-Pull wrecking yard. Looks to be in pretty good condition from the picture. Anybody within driving distance, that might need parts off it, you might want to check it out. 40, 50 +...
  5. hemi71x

    Mecum auction 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona.

    Watching the Mecum auction on the tv. A 1969 Hemi Dodge Charger Daytona just sold at $750.000 I think that was kinda low. What ya think?
  6. hemi71x

    wrong forum

  7. hemi71x

    My old Purple 1971 Hemi GTX 4 Speed car, coming up for auction.

    https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/plymouth/unspecified/2383720.html I owned this car for 24 years, before i sold it off to a big league, well known collector, in southern California, many years ago. I owned it with Rallye Wheels on it, and i never had the console mounted...
  8. hemi71x

    NASCAR Junior Johnson Did His Last Lap Today. Dies at 88.

  9. hemi71x

    "Miracle On The Hudson" 10 Years Ago, Today

    As an aviation enthusiast i have been keeping track of the thread Who Likes Aircraft, on the forum. It's now the 10th anniversary of the landing of now whats known as the Miracle On The Hudson, of the Airbus A320 jet, that the captain Chesley Sullenberger, and co pilot Jeff Skiles expertly put...