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  1. hemi71x

    Leaving Feedback after a member purchased multiple items from me.

    Why do i have to wait 10 hours before i can give a member an additional feedback for multiple items that he purchased from me? What's the reason for that? A member purchased four different brake items from me, and want to leave him feedback, for all his purchases. He spent a great deal of...
  2. hemi71x

    Why do i have "You have insufficient privileges to post threads here." in the events forum?

    How come i can't post a thread in this Events forum? I haven't done anything wrong, or been banned in any way, shape or form, that i am aware of.. Want to post a thread in regards to the local car club that's having their annual show that's coming up on October 7th. You have insufficient...
  3. hemi71x

    How to stop the ads, being a gold member?

    Not my intent to piss off the owner, or moderator on this site, but why am i seeing ads that i pay 50 bucks a year to be a gold member on this site, and another 50, on the A bodies site. I have been "blocked" from posting questions on the other page and just want to know whats going on, getting...
  4. hemi71x

    Signature picture

    Did signature pictures get taken down, away, from the forums? What happened to my RF-4C Phantom picture? It's still shows up as there in my profile pages. Just curious. hemi71x
  5. hemi71x

    Uploading pictures to a For Sale ad, no longer working?

    Got a few questions for you computer guru's here on this forum, that might be able to help me out. For some reason, or another, i no longer have been able to upload pictures to a for sale ad on the B and E body sites, from my laptop computer. My desktop computer doesn't have any problems adding...
  6. hemi71x

    How To Get A Signature Picture To Show Up?

    I have to admit that i am the most computer illerate old man, when it comes to learning, or doing something new to me, on a computer. I had a signature picture on this site thru Photobucket, and it went away with their new third party hosting. I found a different picture site that i feel i can...