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  1. hemi71x

    71 Replacement Rotors

    I factory ordered a Disc Brake, 71, 383 Cuda, during the month of June 1971. The car was built on the assembly line during the later part of July, pretty much at the end of the 71 model year. Probably a week or two left, before the shut down, to the start of the 72's going down the assembly...
  2. hemi71x

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    Found this old picture in the computers files, of me and the car, when i owned it. That's where my user id originates from.
  3. hemi71x

    Factory Tach accuracy

    I sold it off to a well known, big league collector, down in Long Beach, Ca. He had it in his collection of cars for probably 10 years or more, but i never really kept track of how many years that he had it. A couple of years ago, i found out that he since has sold it off to another collector, a...
  4. hemi71x

    Factory Tach accuracy

    InViolet. Owned it for 28 years. When i was in the Air Force, at Mather AFB, a B-52 Navigator Captain was finishing up his training, and had it for sale on the base "Lemon Lot" as we called it. Back in the dinosaur days, would you believe i got it for $2,950.00 dollars. Jim V. hemi71x
  5. hemi71x

    Factory Tach accuracy

    When i had my 71 Hemi GTX car, i purchased it with the SUN Tach, on the console. Sometime early in my ownership, i decided to install a factory tach, in the instrument cluster. Surprisingly, they were always close to one another, in their readings.
  6. hemi71x

    Things you should never do to a 71 Plymouth

    As the former owner of a 71 Hemi GTX, for 28 years, i gotta agree with you. Yuck.
  7. hemi71x

    71-2 air grabber switch

    https://board.moparts.org/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/2319102/is-an-air-grabber-switch-repairable-71-72.html This is an old posting that i saved in my files. This guy used to repair the switches. Haven't a clew if he's still around or not. Or even if he still performs the service. But...
  8. hemi71x

    Wellborn GTX pulls 375k.

    Well, i personally am glad to see it go for that amount of $$$$$$. I was the owner of one of the other 11 1971 Hemi GTX 4 speed cars, for 24 years before i sold it off. I wonder what my old car would bring, these days, if it was ever put up for auction, in this modern, day and age, by the...
  9. hemi71x

    What are some 71 Valiant desirable parts?

    Nope, didn't have a sway bar. I left the lower control arms, as they are the plain Jane, non sway bar tabbed ones. I'll probably go get them around Labor Day time, as there most likely will be a 50% off sale going on. As for the rest of the parts on that car, i have no interest at all in pulling...
  10. hemi71x

    What are some 71 Valiant desirable parts?

    Hemi71X, here. Here's what that 71 Valiant looks like at the local Pick-N-Pull wrecking yard. Ya, i got all the disc brake parts off of it the 2nd day they but it out in one of the Mopar rows. Currently in the process of cleaning, then rebuilding, all the parts for future sale. Rotors and kits...
  11. hemi71x

    Does anyone run a higher output alternator on their 71-74?

    When i owned this 71 Cuda i installed on of those 100 amp alternators off a later 70's fleet vehicle. It worked well, but you need all the bracketry for either big block, or small block engines. Another thing, they are heavy. If your worried about weight, then they are not for you. Now a days...
  12. hemi71x

    73 rear sway bar pictures request

    These of any help to you?