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  1. hemi71x

    Hello from Germany

    Nice car. My tour of duty back in 1974-76, was at the Zweibrucken, Germany US Air Force Base, as a jet aircraft mechanic (crew chief) on the RF-4C Phantom's.
  2. hemi71x

    Hello from Germany

    Hi. Nice car. I'm the former owner of a 71 Hemi GTX, 4 speed car. Lived in Germany two years, 74-76 US Air Force. Flugzeuge mechanic, RF-4C Phantoms. Zweibrucken air base, Flughafen.
  3. hemi71x

    New Member A990 Restoration

    Welcome to the forum. I sent you a message in regards to that question you asked. Jim V. hemi71x
  4. hemi71x

    Newbie from Germany

    I can still count numbers in German. Can translate German words into English. Probably can speak just enough to get by in Germany, at the banhoff, flughofen, or cities. Can't speak the language, but enough to understand some. Jim V. hemi71x
  5. hemi71x

    Newbie from Germany

    Hi. Spent 2 years in Germany, 1974-76, at the old Zweibrucken Air Base, during my Air Force enlistment.
  6. hemi71x

    after 20 years.....mopar infected again in germany:-)

    Yes, i also know of your city Karlsruhe, over there in Germany. When the US had Air Force, and Army bases all over the place, in your country. A whole lot more back in the day, than what's there now, in this modern day and age. This is "me" back in Zweibrucken, back in the dinosaur days...
  7. hemi71x

    after 20 years.....mopar infected again in germany:-)

    Hi, from California, USA. What city in Germany? Spent two years in your country, 1974-76 USAF Zweibrucken, Flugplatz. Flugzeug mechanic, RF-4C Phantom's.
  8. hemi71x

    68 Dodge Charger R/T - Germany near Cologne

    Hi. Lived in Germany for 2 years. 1974-76 Zweibrucken Air Base. Way down, the southwest part of your country. So, hi, from me, in California, USA
  9. hemi71x

    71 GTX owner from Germany

    Hi from California, USA. Was stationed at Zweibrucken, Germany from 1974-76 with the US Air Force. Owned a 71 Hemi GTX, 4 speed car, for 28 years, so i am a favorite of the 71's.