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    WTB Wanted: 1969 2095150 Core Starter

    I'm still looking. I found a few with the 150 barrel.
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    Question About 440 Piston Choices

    The L2295's are domed, so you'll be over 10 to 1 without any milling or decking. And as said, very heavy. The L2355's are a flat top, forged sick pack style piston and they are available in .040 over. In stock too. Heavy, but a good piston. 5/64th rings Stay away from the L2266's, low...
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    Early B Body Gen 3 HEMI swap. Who has done it?

    Qa1 makes the upper and lower control arms that will fit the 63, but the tubular k-frame is designed for 66-70 b-bodies. It fits, but locates the engine back something like 1.5 inches, compared to the 63 k-frame. I just installed a 6.4/727 into a 63 belvedere wagon for a friend, using the...
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    WTB Trim Rings - for 15 x 7 Dodge Rallye wheels 70 Charger

    15 x 7/8 polished trim ring set for 1970 B/E | Roseville Moparts Like these?
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    What heat sleeve diameter?

    The diameter needed would depend on what plug end you have. Measure yours, and get the next size larger. If don't have calipers to measure this, stop working on anything, and get some! They start at 8 bucks on amazon.
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    Gen3 Hemi Push to start

    Who's gen 3 controller are you planning on using? Most controllers are pre wired with a "start" wire in the harness. You can tie that to your original start wire in your charger wire, or run ignition power to a push button, then triggering the starter. Like mentioned above, you must weed out...
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    392 hemi headers

    TTI's on my 70 challenger, with TTI mounts (6.1 stroker with tremec tko) Hooker headers on my 67 charger with hooker mounts (6.4 swap with 727 and gear vendors) Other swaps I've done recently for others was a 72 challenger with the hooker stuff, and a 63 belvedere wagon with hooker items. That...
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    392 hemi headers

    If you're referring to stock 392 headers, the new style the comes on the crate motors, I highly doubt it. They are way too wide.
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    FOR SALE WTS...66/67 charger interior pieces and rear seats

    These came with my car, spares. Everything needs restored, cleaned, polished, ect. 2 sets of rear top and bottom seats. Black set has the medallions in the seat backs. White set has broken pivot arms. Rear flat top insert, fold down section not pictured, but its included. Wood needs...
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    Found, 67 charger build sheet xp29g72192294

    Sorry, I read your reply as "made IN Canada". Of course, you're right, could have been for export. Seems like that box is on the newer build sheets, 69 and up. I'll get a better pic of the whole sheet.
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    Found, 67 charger build sheet xp29g72192294

    7th digit in the vin says not.
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    Found, 67 charger build sheet xp29g72192294

    TT, which is medium copper poly
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    Found, 67 charger build sheet xp29g72192294

    Found under the seat in my 67 charger.
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    66 Charger Interior Installation Step by Step

    And thank you Maxrat for all the pics and descriptions.
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    66 Charger Interior Installation Step by Step

    Thanks for doing this RedBeard. I'm just starting to put my interior together now, so this will come in handy. I bought this car disassembled, so I don't have pics of it before hand. It's a different world, compared to the later b-bodies and e-body interiors I'm used to.
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    What is your experience with G3H products from Holley?

    I've used the Holley gen 3 swap stuff a few times since they've come out. Their mounts seem nice, and position engine well. Their exhaust manifolds fit well if you have clearance issues. The headers fit well, with the standard box or Borgeson box. I ended up putting one dimple in a pipe for...
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    Gen 3 Holley terminator x(max) users…no alternator wiring in harness???

    I'm going to drop one off on Monday. I'll give you a review . He said one day to get the part. I still want to control one with the holley controller. This will be for another project to come, 57 Desoto adventurer.
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    Gen 3 Holley terminator x(max) users…no alternator wiring in harness???

    Cool, thanks. Looks like they change out the driver to the gm plug style.