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  1. roadrunnerman

    1969 Super Bee Side Scoops

    Don't know if they would be on the fender tag. More likely on the broadcast sheet.
  2. roadrunnerman

    Ripped off on a car purchase by a member

    File a claim in court for misrepresentation. You have the text messages as proof. At best he refunds your money or the judge will rule partial reimbursement and you keep the car. It’s up to you if you want to pursue this any farther or let him possibly screw someone else.
  3. roadrunnerman

    Roger's Roadrunner

    Granddaughter wanted me to pick her up from school. (August)
  4. roadrunnerman

    Roger's Roadrunner

    Ok guys sorry for the long hiatus. Update I did get my frame rails,shock crossmember and trunk floor in. Will get pictures as soon as I can. Been busy riding the bike in the summer. Didn’t have a kerosene heater for 2 years so didn’t get any work done in the winter time.also got a newer truck
  5. roadrunnerman

    Project long haul...

    Just to let everyone know, I stopped in and visited with Ron between thanksgiving and Christmas. He’s doing good. Still working on the ford truck when the weather cooperates.
  6. roadrunnerman

    70 coronet

    You're getting a lot of excellent work done Sam. Just looking back thru your thread at the photos when you picked up the parts from my mom's. That was a good day for everybody.
  7. roadrunnerman

    FOR SALE 383 Air Grabber

    if you still have it when we settle my mom's estate, i'll see about buying it from you. I'm sure I can still get the "coyote duster" decal yet.
  8. roadrunnerman

    71 Road Runner Restoration Started

    that truck looks like a beast with the ram air. Your going to have a brand spanking new car when you get done. Are you going to try for a gold certificate?
  9. roadrunnerman

    Roger's Roadrunner

    Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that I haven't fell off the earth. It's been rough the last few months. Back in Sept '15 I lost a close truckin' friend on the 4th(throat cancer), my oldest brother passed on the 19th(colon cancer), and most of us know of a members mom that had passed...
  10. roadrunnerman

    Project long haul...

    Hey Ron, maybe get online and see what they are new at some hobby stores then check ebay, amazon, etc. That way you'll have a price range that you can work with.
  11. roadrunnerman

    69 Coronet 440 project

    glad to see you making a U-turn and going down the right road. Sometimes we have to see what we did wrong to know how to fix it right. I'm still putting pieces next to each other to make sure they line up before I pull that welding trigger.
  12. roadrunnerman

    1966 Coronet 500 Restoration

    Looking at the first pictures of your car, i'd say you have your work cut out for you. But seeing the way you put those floors in, i'd say the car is in good hands. Looking forward to seeing what else you can do.
  13. roadrunnerman

    73 charger starting dismantle stage

    I think it would be better to leave everything on. Will keep everything together in transit.
  14. roadrunnerman

    $500- 68 charger

    i'll keep looking for ya. I like what you did on tail lights.
  15. roadrunnerman

    $500- 68 charger

    just saw one for sale in the interior section for a 68.
  16. roadrunnerman

    $500- 68 charger

    I think I have one from a RR or coronet if that would work in yours. it's kinda on the "ruff" side. if you want it, just send me your address.
  17. roadrunnerman

    73 charger starting dismantle stage

    everything looks nice and clean. sorry about the separation.
  18. roadrunnerman

    Saw a 3rd Gen Charger in Gone in 60 Seconds.

    there was a '71 super bee charger in the original movie.
  19. roadrunnerman

    Roger's Roadrunner

    just updating my thread. I have the correct frame rails now. Also I have the trunk floors, both rear quarter skins as well as the rear shock crossmember. I just ordered the trunk floor extentions from Jeff @521 restorations. I also ordered new rear leaf springs, rear shackle kit, and front...
  20. roadrunnerman

    FOR SALE 1969 Roadrunner / Satellite / GTX Parts

    is everything there for the antenna to mount and plug into radio jack? i'd be interested in it.