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  1. ricks_RR

    made it back here

    blood pressure down and life is great . on june 8th we are having a all mopar party in rindge N.H, cant wait to see everyone
  2. ricks_RR

    made it back here

    retired from old job after 26 years and i am so happy now then took a new job ricks_RR
  3. ricks_RR

    TV shows you used to love.

    rat patrol
  4. ricks_RR


    the good thing is they eat over 5000 mosquitos a night
  5. ricks_RR

    69 runner door decal location

    does any one have how they put that decal in to right stop . thank you for the help
  6. ricks_RR

    Mopars in Motion - New Britain CT

    great pictures thank you
  7. ricks_RR

    UFOs or UAPs are real

    very scary thought but i have thought of that too . but on the other hand why dont they fix what is happening now .
  8. ricks_RR

    Anyone heard from moparedtn ?

    glad to hear you are getting better stay strong
  9. ricks_RR

    Castrol gtx classic on sale

    i bought every one they had
  10. ricks_RR

    FBBO Mug Shots

  11. ricks_RR

    Suggest cheap ways to deter thieves when it comes to Mopars.

    well put a big sign on it ( this car is not for sale ) most classic cars that are in good shape and on the road are indoors for the winter . once the salt is off the roads then they come out . if you got a good amount of snow its not good for the old suspension its a lot of weight .
  12. ricks_RR


    no you cant but if you put salt in his oats then he will
  13. ricks_RR

    OHMIGOD! SNOW!!!!! WHAT DO I DO?????

    if you live where snow falls every year . make snow angles
  14. ricks_RR

    Wife Found This

    she is a keeper
  15. ricks_RR

    15x7 Magnum 500's with redlines. Value?

    those would look good on my 69
  16. ricks_RR

    Front End FRIDAY!!!