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  1. mr_belvedere

    68 RR: Carpet color with black and silver interior

    Black. Let’s see some pics of the car…
  2. mr_belvedere

    WTB Wanted: ‘68 Roadrunner/Belvedere deck lid

    In search of a straight, clean 1968 deck lid for roadrunner/belvedere without the trim panel holes. Can travel up to 500 miles from northern Indiana. Cash waiting for nice part. Thanks!
  3. mr_belvedere

    FOR SALE NOS OE License Plate Grommets and Screws

    Interested in both sets of #2. Pm sent
  4. mr_belvedere

    SOLD NOS MOPAR Hood Bumpers 2276804

    Interested. Sending a PM
  5. mr_belvedere

    Cleaning 67 Coronet Wheel lip trim and Rocker moldings

    Rocker moldings are stainless for that car.
  6. mr_belvedere

    WTB 1968 Roadrunner/Belvedere deck lid

    In search of clean, straight ‘68 RR deck lid without the decor group panel option. Would prefer an in person transaction close to northern Indiana or pick up at Carlisle or Mopar Nationals. Send PM here at FBBO. Thanks!
  7. mr_belvedere

    SOLD 1968 Roadrunner Body with Parts

    Wish it were closer, wish I needed this car.
  8. mr_belvedere

    Casting date lead time for date correct block 1968

    I believe there are a few things that factor in here…. The cast, cast, cast-stack, stack, stack certainly plays a part. Worked in an iron foundry, seen this first hand. Don’t get too caught up in casting dates on blocks. Pay more attention to the engine’s assembly date stamped into the engine...
  9. mr_belvedere

    1965 Coronet production numbers

    Anyone have 1965 Coronet (500 & 440) production numbers for cars optioned with 426 wedge, both auto and manual transmission? Thanks in advance.
  10. mr_belvedere

    Fender Tag options

    Kind of burry. Sorry
  11. mr_belvedere

    68 coronet trunk lid

    Seen one on one of the FB Mopar marketplaces for 5K! Nice deckled though..... Makes the $800 one I ran across about 1995 seem like a bargain.
  12. mr_belvedere

    What is everyone using for body paint system these days?

    Wanting to replicate assembly line like body paint finish. 30 or so years ago my choice would have been PPG DP primer, PPG K36 primer surfacer followed by DP reduced as a sealer. Then finished with PPG Delstar acrylic enamel. Most, if not all these materials are no longer available. What...
  13. mr_belvedere

    FOR SALE 1968-69 various dash parts

    Interested in the rest
  14. mr_belvedere

    WTB Wanted: 4spd project car under $5K

    Contemplating selling a 1965 Coronet 500 426w/man. trans. Black/black int. project. Data plate & broadcast sheet. Title in my name. If I commit to selling, will be a package deal with an additional '65 coronet 500 383/man trans and '65 coronet 440 4d. 318 parts cars. The package will be over...
  15. mr_belvedere

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    Red, white & blue emblem Satellite & GTX (1967)
  16. mr_belvedere

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    1967 Belvedere
  17. mr_belvedere

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    1966 Belvedere