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  1. mpgmike

    They Just Do Not Make Them Like They Used To...

    Since you mentioned Ford, I know from professional research that in 2008 Ford ranked 21st out of 23 OEM manufacturers selling vehicles in the US as far as Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) -- they sucked!! In 2010 they somehow managed to rise to #2. My friend (a mobile mechanic) has a 2018...
  2. mpgmike

    Went to the dark side boys

    This sucker's got bucket seats with a console sporting a tach! It keeps gettin' gooder 'n gooder!!
  3. mpgmike

    Went to the dark side boys

    Mom owned a '69 GS, and it made me partial to old Buicks. Exceptional score there!
  4. mpgmike

    Curious for Opinions Here - What Percentage of Project Cars Actually Get Completed?

    Had a '59 Imperial. The guy I bought it from pulled it from a barn it was sitting in since 1978. He had the engine and transmission rebuilt, radiator & heater core recored, and a few other things. Had shoulder surgery & couldn't take it any farther. I bought it. I installed said engine &...
  5. mpgmike

    Favorite color combos......

    ...And either a tan or brown interior to accent the green/gold exterior:
  6. mpgmike

    Favorite color combos......

    Darker green with gold accent stripes for the exterior:
  7. mpgmike

    My 71 Road Runner 340/727 F7

    I love that brown interior. I'm a fan of the dark green. There was a '72 RR with a gold rear strobe stripe I fell in love with. The gold would accent the brown interior nicely.
  8. mpgmike

    Ford Patents Potential ICE-Saving Technology

    Sounds like Ford resurrected Honda's CVCC concept from the '70s. The pre-chamber was fed a 13:1 AFR while the main chamber inhaled 18:1. The burning pre-charge infiltrated the main chamber like a blow torch. I love that design. They were able to meet EPA emissions for several years without a...
  9. mpgmike

    Any Jeep folks here?

    Would it be "FJO", "FCJO", "FXJO", "FAMCO", "FWO" or other? <Translation> For Jeeps Only, For CJ's Only, For XJ's (Cherokees) Only, For AMC's Only, For Willies Only? </Translation>
  10. mpgmike

    Any Jeep folks here?

    Trading my rusted '95 ZJ for a much cleaner '95. Swapping better parts from the white one to the red one.
  11. mpgmike

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    Here is my uncle's '71 GTX from around 1976.
  12. mpgmike

    Mopar Action gone again?

    My uncle passed not long ago. I wonder what happened to his massive stash, as it was mostly 70's stuff. Probably got tossed.
  13. mpgmike

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    The values you used are way out of whack! Please don't take that as an attack, some folks are awesome at HVAC while others are financial wizards. We have that special arena where we love to play. In electronics, there are a couple of "Ohm's Laws" that allow simple math to calculate various...
  14. mpgmike

    1972 Dodge Charger SE bring it back to life

    Instead of vinegar, try auto trans fluid, or even WD-40.
  15. mpgmike

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    With a 3 volt rating, put 4 in series. This will give you 3 volts per LED with a supply voltage of 12 volts. For 20 ma, just use a 720 ohm resistor per 4-string. In the old days, the common resistor value jumped from 680 to 820 ohms. These days you can get resistors of just about any value...
  16. mpgmike

    Mopar Action gone again?

    Sadly, I think the whole concept of a print magazines (pick your genre) is endangered. The internet has made it easy to see up-to-the-minuite blow-by-blow project progress through forums & facebook. By the time you get the magazine, it's merely a 2-4 page synopsis of what you followed for over...
  17. mpgmike

    71 Charger Superbee Tribute/Restomod Build

    I searched the 1st pic looking for clues on using resistors. Next post you had it nailed. LEDs MUST be current-limited or... well you now know. Good job on the construction, and figuring out the issue.
  18. mpgmike

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Remember the Metric measurement of length (the meter) was established based on the diameter of the Earth. Though the location of the Pyramids may take into account the speed of light, it has been suggested they sit dead center of all the above-water land mass on Planet Earth.
  19. mpgmike

    Have any of you ever opened a car shop or resto shop from scratch?

    You could specialize in ~20 year old vehicles with bad engines, rebuild the engines, and sell them for a profit. Same for bad transmissions and other common failures. You could specialize in collision damaged vehicles, where you repair body damage. If you decide to do something like that...
  20. mpgmike

    PLUG Power Inc?? Hydrogen Co....

    Wow!! What a volatile subject! First, there are 2 common methods of producing hydrogen; from natural gas, and electrolysis of water. Using NG produces a hydrogen gas polluted with carbon elements. The carbon contaminates the membranes of hydrogen -- electric fuel cells -- reducing performance...