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  1. Struttmaster

    How do you set up your Alignment for strip?

    Great video! Thanks for sharing
  2. Struttmaster

    Need a couple of engine compartment shots 440 six pack

    A long, long way off stock, just showing her off…love mechanical secondaries
  3. Struttmaster

    Overheating problem! Help!

    I’d put the old thermostat back in and see what happens.
  4. Struttmaster

    1972 dodge charger brake booster rebuild kit

    Have you had any joy getting your booster repaired? I have the same type. It’s the Bakelite cylinder in mine that is cracked…
  5. Struttmaster

    Recommendation for online store - Brake Booster

    There are good rebuilders in Australia.
  6. Struttmaster

    Went to the track Friday. What should I try next?

    Is the intake port matched?
  7. Struttmaster

    Engine overheating

    I had heating issues until I replaced the thermostat. All good now
  8. Struttmaster

    New member to site

    Thanks! It’s a vacuum canister to assist with braking due to lumpy cams
  9. Struttmaster

    New member to site

    Is an air grabber system
  10. Struttmaster

    New member to site

    Hi, I’ve joined site after using it for a number of years as a handy resource getting my ‘72 Roadrunner on the road, most recently to get the factory AG system working the way it should. Happy to have a turn key an go Mopar in the garage! Well, almost. Currently trying to get a leak in the break...